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Knowledge Base: Table of Contents Press Relations & Public Relations

07/03/2023 | By: FDS

A good PR photo should meet these criteria

All editorial offices at a glance - Send press releases quickly and cost-effectively

All Startup Media at a glance

Are press releases free of charge?

Are you looking for current price lists or advertising rates of newspapers? Thanks to linked media data, you save valuable time

Basic knowledge of PR & Public Relations - What you need to know

Basics of press and media relations

Basics of Press Relations - A Guide for More Success and Reach

Book PR - How authors get their book into the press

Build & maintain press distribution lists - How to minimize the amount of work involved in finding new contacts

Build press distribution list yourself or buy - These are the pros and cons

Building a media-effective distribution list - How to increase your media visibility & reach

Buy or rent contact details & editorial addresses?

Buy press distribution list - How expensive is it?

Buy press mailing list - This is what you need to consider

Buy press mailing list - What to consider?

Buying a press mailing list - What to consider?

Checklist - What your press release should contain

Checklist press release - What to pay attention to before sending

Cloud-based PR software - What are the advantages?

Collect PR & Marketing Contact Data in Real Time - Without Googling

Contacting editorial offices - That's what counts

Contemporary press relations with new PR software - Send press release

Costs press distribution list - You have to reckon with these costs

Creating distribution lists step by step - How your press release reaches the editorial offices

Creating Press Releases - Our Tips for Success

Demo version of the media & PR database - Register now for the online demo

Distribution tool or send it yourself? How to get your message into the press

DIY! Doing press work the same way without an expensive PR agency

Do you want to write your own press release or have it written?

DSGVO and press distribution list - What is allowed, what is not?

Editorial addresses only as an Excel spreadsheet? Not with us

Editorial database: Can I send my press releases directly?

Effective press & media relations - from hidden champion to well-known brand

Establishing journalist contacts - How to get into trade media

Example of a press release - structure & tips

FAQ - Writing a press release

Find contact details of journalists easily - our tutorial shows you how

Find journalist contacts easier

Find journalists and approach them correctly

Find media data quickly - Here you will find it

Find publishers easily - With our publisher search engine

Finding and establishing press contacts - How and where do I find suitable editorial offices?

Finding suitable editorial addresses - this is how it works

Free press portals - We know them all

Free press portals - What good are they really?

Free press release - What good are free tools?

Free Press Release & Press Relations Guide

Freelance Journalists - Where to find lists?

Generating media interest - More media presence with a small budget

Getting your message into the media - Paid articles vs. real relevance

Have a press release written - How expensive is it and what costs should I expect?

Higher credibility through media presence - Why trust is the decisive success factor

How a Rostock startup is turning the European PR industry upside down

How are press releases published?

How can I contact journalists?

How can I get into the press at a reasonable price?

How can I maximize my media exposure?

How can I save time in my daily PR work?

How do I attract the attention of media representatives to myself or my company?

How do I become a journalist?

How do I become a reporter?

How do I create a Press Kit?

How do I get a volunteer position?

How do I get into the media?

How do I get media coverage?

How do I get more media requests?

How do I get my company into the press or media?

How do I get my message into the media?

How do I get my press release into Google News?

How do I issue a press release?

How do I place articles in the media?

How do I write a good press release?

How do I write a press release?

How do I write to editorial offices?

How do you build a press distribution list?

How do you get editorial addresses?

How do you get into the media?

How does PR work for authors? How your book gets media attention

How Founder & start-ups get into the media

How good are free press distribution lists?

How good are free press portals?

How many editorial addresses are included?

How much does a press release cost?

How press releases can increase your media visibility

How should a press release be structured?

How should I write to the press?

How to achieve higher media visibility with our editorial database

How to Build a PR Media List

How to build a press distribution list

How to build a press distribution list at low cost

How to build a press distribution list properly?

How to build your optimal press distribution list

How to compile your own specialist distribution lists

How to Create a Media List

How to create a press kit

How to create a press release - A guide

How to create a press release in a few steps

How to create an editorial plan?

How to create PR content for the different target groups

How to develop a strong communication strategy

How to distribute a press release

How to fail with your press release in any case - The biggest mistakes

How to get media coverage for your startup

How to get your message across

How to have storytelling take your PR to the next level

How to improve your media presence

How to improve your online presence

How to include press releases in emails

How to increase the reach of a press release

How to make your brand known with the help of blogging

How to maximize the likelihood of your press release making the news

How to optimize your press releases

How to present your brand at trade shows and events

How to publish press releases in a targeted manner

How to publish press releases in online newspapers and magazines

How to reach editorial offices and journalists in a cheap and time-saving way?

How to send a press release cheaply & effectively

How to send a press release?

How to send press releases to the media

How to send press releases to trade publications

How to share a press release on social media

How to share a press release on Twitter and Facebook

How to strategically build your press distribution list

How to strengthen your image through communication and PR measures

How to successfully send a press release in 2023

How to take your public relations to the next level

How to win new customers with content marketing

How to write a good press release

How to write a press release that will also be read

How to write a press release?

How to write a press text?

How your press release reaches the editorial offices

Instruction Media & PR Database

Instruction Media & PR Database II

Is there a directory of editorial offices?

Issuing press releases and distributing them to editorial offices - How does my message get to the editorial offices?

Journalist data - Where can I find it?

Knowledge Base: Table of Contents Press Relations & Public Relations

Latest News: Why PR monopolists and software dinosaurs will lose customers massively in 2023

Launch of the European Media Database Imminent

List of media contacts - This will get you into the media

Locate contact persons by department and contact them in a time-saving manner

Looking for inexpensive PR software?

Maximum effect at the lowest possible cost - How the Media & PR Database 2023 revolutionizes your press work

Media & PR database - Test now for free with the demo version

Media & PR Database 2022 - The new standard for companies in terms of public relations

Media & Press Relations Online Course - How to Take Your Public Relations to the Next Level

Media monitoring - How expensive is it and for whom is it worthwhile?

Media presence for higher brand awareness and more sales - How to become visible

Media Relations - This is how you establish long-term contacts with the media and journalists

Media-effective actions - These ideas exist

Minimum price, maximum effect - The press release and its dispatch to editorial offices

More leads thanks to good storytelling - How to get into the media and win more customers

Online seminar successful press relations - Register now

Our Press Database - The New Standard for Companies & Organizations

Perfect media approach - What you need to keep in mind

Pitching journalists - Here's how to do it

Pitching to journalists the right way - How to hit the mark with your press releases

Planning media-effective actions for PR/public relations & marketing - ideas, examples and strategies

PR & Public Relations Price List - What does press relations cost?

PR agencies and agencies for communication consulting - we know them all

PR agencies and press offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, etc. - The complete list

PR consulting in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich - This is what you can expect

PR fees 2023 - What does a PR agency cost?

PR for founders & startups: How can I get started cheaply?

PR industry in upheaval - New lower-cost tools enter the market

PR reporting - What is the benefit of measuring the success of press relations measures?

PR simply explained - knowledge for beginners and advanced learners

PR software vs. press portals - what is the difference and which ones are available?

Press & Media Relations as a B2B Supplier - How to Create Competitive Advantages

Press & Public Relations - Everything you need to know

Press & Public Relations - What really matters?

Press & Public Relations for Startups and Entrepreneurs - How to Pitch Properly

Press contacts for more success & visibility - Inform now

Press distribution & GDPR - With the media & PR database, you can legally get your press release into the editorial offices

Press relations for solo employed and freelancers and how it´s done

Press relations for law firms and practices - How to expand your client and customer base

Press relations on a success basis - A good way to get into the press or not?

Press release - How to make your company or startup known

Press release - What are the 7 W questions?

Press Release Distribution for Startups

Press release distribution list - What must it be able to do?

Press Release Distribution Tool & Media Contacts for your success

Press Release Guide - How to create a good press release

Press release headline - How to create an interesting and meaningful headline that will be read

Press release template - What it must contain

Press release to send out?

Professional press relations 2023 - the right way to do it

Public Relations - Or: The Art of Influencing Public Opinion

Public relations simply explained

Public Relations Solutions 2022 - An Overview

Publish press release free of charge - Is that still possible in 2023?

Sample press release - download as pdf or word file

Sample press release - How to achieve your goal

Self-PR - How to take public relations into your own hands for yourself or your company

Send a press release or publish it for free? - What good are free portals?

Send out press releases - What are the alternatives?

Send press release immediately without waiting time

Send press releases yourself - With our editorial addresses

Sending a news release by e-mail - tips & tricks

Sending press releases by e-mail - what to watch out for

Sending press releases in a targeted manner - How can I distribute my press release?

Sending press releases in a targeted manner - How to successfully distribute your press releases

Simplify ad planning - thanks to linked media data from editorial offices

Starting a career in PR consulting - What do you earn in a PR agency?

Strategic structure of the press distribution list - What to consider

Structure of a press release - This is how it should be structured

Study journalism - Necessary to work in a PR agency?

Studying journalism - Here's what you should look for in a journalism course

Submitting a press release - How to get your press message to the target

Success measurement & -documentation of a press release - from when it really makes sense

Successful public relations with social media - How to use Instagram, Facebook Twitter and Co in your favor

Table of Contents Media & Publishers

Table of Contents Media Monitoring & Press Clipping

The 1x1 of professional communication

The basics of media & press relations

The best low cost PR tools 2022

The best press release is useless if it is not disseminated

The costs for a press release at a glance - From creation to dispatch

The German Media Market 2023 - An Overview

The inexpensive alternative to expensive PR software - The Media & PR Database 2022

The magazine database for the DACH region

The Media & PR Database 2023 - The Booster for Your Press Work

The new standard for editorial databases

The only online editorial directory you really need - How to get your press release into editorial offices

The only press database you really need

The perfect PR tool for the small budget

The press release - tips, examples & sample press release

The W-questions in the press release - What information must be included?

Thousands of Euros for a press release? A swan song to conventional press distributors

Tips and tricks for your press work - Which pitfalls to avoid?

Tips for sending out press releases

Tips for sending press releases - This is what you should consider

Tips for writing a press release

Tips for your press release

Up-to-date editorial lists for more media presence

What are avoidable mistakes at a PR agency?

What are avoidable mistakes when building media contacts?

What are avoidable mistakes when contacting journalists?

What are headlines?

What are influencer relations?

What are media relations?

What are news sources?

What are objections from prospective buyers of PR databases that keep you from buying?

What are public relations?

What are typical mistakes when distributing press releases?

What distinguishes the Media & PR Database from other PR software?

What does a PR agency do?

What does a PR department do?

What does a press distribution list cost?

What does a press release cost?

What is a communication concept?

What is a communication strategy?

What is a content strategy?

What is a media channel?

What is a media database?

What is a media distributor?

What is a media inquiry?

What is a media invitation?

What is a media strategy?

What is a news agency?

What is a news portal?

What is a PR service?

What is a press briefing?

What is a press conference?

What is a press distributor?

What is a press event?

What is a press folder?

What is a press invitation?

What is a press kit?

What is a press office?

What is a press release distributor?

What is a press service?

What is a social media strategy?

What is a theme service?

What is an editorial plan?

What is an image campaign?

What is an infographic?

What is blogging?

What is brand awareness?

What is branding?

What is communication research?

What is Corporate Design?

What is corporate publishing?

What is crisis communication?

What is cross media?

What is image management?

What is Media & Communication Studies?

What is media evaluation?

What is media monitoring?

What is media planning?

What is media work?

What is news?

What is online communication?

What is online PR?

What is Paid Media?

What is PR consulting?

What is press relations?

What is reputation management?

What is self-PR?

What is social media?

What is Strategic Communication?

What is the best value PR solution?

What is the best way to approach editors and journalists?

What is the best way to approach journalists?

What is the brand identity?

What is the difference between an editor and a journalist?

What is the media landscape?

What is the right PR strategy?

What is trade press relations?

What is trade press?

What journalism database providers often fail to tell you

What makes for good press relations?

What must a Press Kit contain?

What really matters when contacting journalists?

What should I keep in mind when writing a press release?

What should I study to become a PR consultant in a PR agency?

What should startups consider and avoid in their press relations?

What should the structure of a press release look like?

What to consider when writing a press release?

When should you send a press release?

When should you write a press release?

When to call journalists? Best time & deadline

Where can I download editorial addresses for free?

Where can I find topic plans of the editorial offices?

Where can I submit press releases?

Where to publish press releases?

Which platforms are best for press release distribution?

Who needs PR software?

Why most PR software vendors won't be worth your while

Why PR agencies will help you out

Why should I get the Media & PR Database?

Why you will fail in 2023 without regular media exposure

Win new customers with media presence - How to make it in the media

With guest posts and professional articles to more sales and awareness - This is what counts

Write, send & publish a press release - Increase your chances of publication with these tips

Writing a press release - A guide

Writing a press release - How to make it work

Writing a Press Release - These Steps will get you into the Press

Writing a press release in just a few steps - Here's how to do it

Writing a press release step by step - A guide

Writing and Publishing a Press Release - A How-To Guide

Writing and sending press releases 2022 - How to make your press release successful

Writing e-mails to editors - Where can I find suitable editors' addresses?

Writing to editors - the right way to do it

Writing to editors for beginners - How to get into media

You find journalist databases too expensive? Discover the PR software Alternative 2023 now!

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What is a competitive edge

06/28/2023 | By: FDS

A competitive edge is an advantage a company has over its competitors that enables it to be successful in a particular market or industry. Such a lead can be based on various factors, such as:

Uniqueness: A company may offer a product or service that is unique and cannot be duplicated by its competitors.

Cost Leadership: A company can offer its products or services at a lower price than its competitors, which allows it to gain larger market share.

Technology: A company may have more advanced technologies than its competitors, allowing it to work faster, more efficiently and create more innovative products.

Reputation: A company can have a good reputation in the industry, which makes it easier for them to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

Know-how: A company may have specialized knowledge or skills that enable it to offer unique products or services that cannot be replicated by its competitors.

A competitive advantage is usually an important factor in a company's long-term success, as it helps it to secure its market position and increase its profitability.

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What is network competence?

05/15/2023 | By: FDS

Networking skills refer to the ability to interact effectively with others to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. Networking competence encompasses a variety of skills and attributes, including the ability to socialize, build relationships, establish trust, present oneself, listen, give and receive feedback, communicate constructively, negotiate effectively, and resolve conflicts.

Good networking skills are critical in many professions and industries because they enable people to build and maintain business relationships, identify career opportunities, and advance their careers. Effective networking skills can also help people gain the trust and support of colleagues, supervisors, customers, and other key people, which can lead to successful professional relationships.

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What is a Lean Startup?

05/15/2023 | By: FDS

A Lean Startup is an approach to business creation and development that focuses on rapid prototyping, iterative development, and customer centricity.

The concept of Lean Startup was developed by Eric Ries and is based on the idea of Lean Manufacturing, which focuses on optimizing production systems. The goal of the Lean Startup is to minimize the risks of starting a business by quickly and cost-effectively testing whether the business model works.

A Lean Startup uses a combination of scientific method and agile principles to quickly get feedback from customers and improve the business model. This often involves developing and testing prototypes or minimal versions of a product or service to quickly learn what customers want or what works and what doesn't.

Through this iterative development and continuous feedback from customers, lean startups can quickly make adjustments and adapt their business model before investing too much time and resources in something that doesn't work. This allows them to get to market quickly, save costs, and increase their chances of success.

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What is a Chapter (Scrum)?

05/15/2023 | By: FDS

In Scrum, the word "chapter" usually refers to a group of people with similar skills and interests who work within an organization and meet regularly to share and develop their knowledge and skills. Chapters are often used as part of a larger framework, such as the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), to improve collaboration and coordination among teams.

A chapter can consist of developers, designers, QA experts, or other specialists, and typically works in a specific area of expertise. For example, members of a chapter may share their experiences and best practices, work together on new technologies, or organize training to expand their knowledge and skills.

In Scrum, the chapter is not directly involved in Scrum events, but serves as a community and support for Scrum team members. However, Scrum team members can be members of a chapter and participate in the activities and discussions to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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