Our services at a glance


Data analysis & statistics:

  • Data analysis and statistical evaluations
  • Quantitative method alignment (surveys, inventory data, process data etc.)
  • Uni-, bi- & multivariate analytical methods, i.e. linear, logistic & Cox regressions, generalized linear models (GLM), generalized estimating equations (GEE), factor analysis, logit/probit models
  • cross-sectional as well as longitudinal studies (panel studies/analyses over time)
  • Model calculations & calculations, scenario modeling, e.g. extrapolation, trend analyses

Data collection & databases:

  • Study and questionnaire/survey design & programming for customer & employee surveys, polls, and opinion research
  • Design & creation of SQL / NoSQL databases (mySQL, MariaDB, InnoDB)
  • Data mining & Analysis

IT & programming:

  • Development of back-end & member areas, e.g. for providers of online courses and runtime-dependent digital products, for easy member, customer & address management
  • Set-up, setup and optimization of online stores and store systems
  • Market research, competition/competition tracking & monitoring
  • Database- and algorithm-supported research
  • Social Media Analysis / Monitoring


  • Founder & Startup Consulting
  • Consulting on digitization of business processes, market research & observation
  • Consulting on databases, data collection and data mining
  • Scientific support of change, strategy & planning processes
  • Consulting on databases, data collection and data mining

Research Service & Other Services:

  • Research services & desk research (e.g. study research, balance sheet & key figure research / KPIs, employee or contact research)
  • Conception & preparation of dossiers, reports, studies as well as PowerPoint presentations
  • Data visualization, creation of dashboards, infographics, interactive/dynamic statistics & graphs as well as business analytics

We will send you the complete service & price list by email on request.

Software, tools & technology

  • Stata, R/R Studio, SPSS, Python, mySQL, mariaDB, php, html, css, JavaScript, Apache, Spark, Tableau, symfony, MS Visual Studio Code, several own tools

Project examples from practice / use cases:

  • (Address) Data Management / Data cleansing / Normalization / Duplicate matching / Automated check for up-to-dateness of data / Merging of data / Data enrichment / Verification of URLs / Triangulation / Automated matching of multiple records

  • Systematic & automated research and market research, e.g. competition analysis / tracking / monitoring, automated identification of competitors, new competitors, e.g. for mergers & acquisitions (M&A) processes

  • Automated analysis of online job postings and labour market research (e.g. e.g. tracking of a regionally differentiated shortage of skilled workers in sector X, labour demand over time, requirement profiles and demanded skills/competences by keywords (e.g. educational attainment, work experience, software/EDP skills, driving licence, seniority etc.))

  • Search engine automation: Automated search by keyword & location: Find all important companies or competitors by industry/keyword quickly & easily at the push of a button. Read out email addresses, create description and ranking. Results can be called up quickly and easily via the browser management interface, including search, sort, filter and management functions, lists etc.

  • Trend tracking (in news sources & coverage, social media, product/product groups in online shops)

  • Media monitoring and statistical evaluation (news article changes over time, journalists on several media, etc.)

  • Startup-Monitoring / Monitoring of all start-ups or new registrations in Germany according to location, topic, industry, keyword, legal form etc.

  • Exploratory data analysis

*in cooperation