Our services at a glance

We help organizations and businesses realize their full potential.

With a wealth of experience from over 20 years of programming, data analysis & statistical evaluations, we have extensive expertise in working with data and the media market. Numerous customer projects at home and abroad have already been realized independently or in cooperation. These include online portals and online stores as well as customer-specific IT solutions.

Scope of services

Empirical media research:

  • Media monitoring & analysis
  • Media Intelligence
  • Content analyses & statistical evaluations
  • Newsclipping
  • Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies (panel studies/analyses over time)
  • Trend analyses & forecasts
  • Monitoring media diversity
  • and much more

Data analysis & statistics:

  • Data analysis and statistical evaluations
  • Statistical programming (e.g. statistical software STATA, R, SPSS, SAS)
  • Quantitative method alignment (surveys, inventory data, process data etc.)
  • Uni-, bi- & multivariate analytical methods, i.e. linear, logistic & Cox regressions, generalized linear models (GLM), generalized estimating equations (GEE), factor analysis, logit/probit models
  • cross-sectional as well as longitudinal studies (panel studies/analyses over time)
  • Model calculations & calculations, scenario modeling, e.g. extrapolation, trend analyses

Data collection & databases:

  • Study and questionnaire/survey design & programming for customer & employee surveys, polls, and opinion research
  • Design & creation of SQL / NoSQL databases (mySQL, MariaDB, InnoDB)
  • Data mining & Analysis
  • Cross-web price monitoring for online comparison portals and price search engines

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • Development and operation of knowledge databases for publishers, authors, for employee onboarding processes as well as e-learning
  • Automated creation of product & description texts for online shops
  • Knowledge generation by linking our databases & algorithms with tools like ChatGPT-3 & 4, Davinci, Graph etc.
  • Text creation, consistency checking (Content Creation & Validation)
  • Knowledge mining, analysis & evaluation of content, e.g. for texts for FAQs, documentations, websites, online courses, books and book projects


  • Founder & Startup Consulting
  • Consulting on digitization of business processes, market research & observation
  • Consulting on databases, data collection and data mining
  • Scientific support of change, strategy & planning processes
  • Consulting on databases, data collection and data mining

Research Service & Other Services:

  • Research services & desk research (e.g. study research, balance sheet & key figure research / KPIs, employee or contact research)
  • Conception & preparation of dossiers, reports, studies as well as PowerPoint presentations
  • Data visualization, creation of dashboards, infographics, interactive/dynamic statistics & graphs as well as business analytics

We will send you the complete service & price list by email on request.

Software, tools & technology

  • Stata, R/R Studio, SPSS, Python, mySQL, mariaDB, php, html, css, JavaScript, Apache, Spark, Tableau, symfony, Typo3, Shopware, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, several own tools

Project examples from practice / use cases:

  • (Address) Data Management / Data cleansing / Normalization / Duplicate matching / Automated check for up-to-dateness of data / Merging of data / Data enrichment / Verification of URLs / Triangulation / Automated matching of multiple records

  • Systematic & automated research and market research, e.g. competition analysis / tracking / monitoring, automated identification of competitors, new competitors, e.g. for mergers & acquisitions (M&A) processes

  • Automated analysis of online job postings and labour market research (e.g. e.g. tracking of a regionally differentiated shortage of skilled workers in sector X, labour demand over time, requirement profiles and demanded skills/competences by keywords (e.g. educational attainment, work experience, software/EDP skills, driving licence, seniority etc.))

  • Search engine automation: Automated search by keyword & location: Find all important companies or competitors by industry/keyword quickly & easily at the push of a button. Read out email addresses, create description and ranking. Results can be called up quickly and easily via the browser management interface, including search, sort, filter and management functions, lists etc.

  • Trend tracking (in news sources & coverage, social media, product/product groups in online shops)

  • Media monitoring and statistical evaluation (news article changes over time, journalists on several media, etc.)

  • Startup-Monitoring / Monitoring of all start-ups or new registrations in Germany according to location, topic, industry, keyword, legal form etc.

  • Exploratory data analysis

*in cooperation