Over 20 years of experience in programming & web development

  • Expert for SQL databases and database architecture & data mining
  • Since 2002
  • Development of an own content management system (CMS) as well as own store software
  • Own online portals: &
  • References: a.o. City Portal, FC Hansa Rostock, FC Hansa Fanshop, Handwerkskammer Schwerin, div. Web Portals & Affiliate Portals as well as Online Shops / E-Commerce

Our products & services are aimed at the following customer groups

  • Foundations, associations, companies & start-ups, SMEs / medium-sized businesses, public institutions & organizations (business development agencies, tourism marketing organizations, counties, cities & municipalities, universities & colleges, public authorities), publishing houses, political parties, aid organizations, associations, management consultancies, press offices, PR & advertising agencies; music & artist agents & managers, law firms, medical practices, (real estate) brokers & offices, solo self-employed & freelancers, freelance consultants, trainers & coaches