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Leverage Your Public Relations - With the Media & PR Database 2024

Our Media & PR Database 2024 is THE media directory for anyone looking for cost-effective lists of suitable media, editorial offices, publishers or record labels to which they can send their press releases and with whom they would like to establish valuable media contacts.

Thousands of editorial addresses for your media work & strategic contact building on Xing & LinkedIn.
Save up to 90% of the costs for your press releases in the future and network with relevant multipliers for your concerns.

NOW NEW: On request dispatch & distribution of your press release via our mailing tool directly by us (optional)

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  • FREE: Access to knowledge base with over 2,000 articles on all PR & public relations and marketing topics, checklists, sample press releases, how-to's and tutorials

Our Media & PR Database is an online database of media providers under constant development and currently consists of 0 newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations in 192 countries worldwide (0 added in the last month) from a total URL inventory of over 23 million websites, including 0 newspaper, magazine & radio editorial offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This already makes it one of the most comprehensive editorial databases on the market in terms of the number of media it contains.

A variety of sorting and filtering functions (e.g. by city, county, state/canton, country, web ranking/popularity, keyword, tag/topic, category/media type, Twitter follower count, etc.) allow you to quickly find all relevant results, optimize your workflow, make it easier for you to prioritize media that match your topic and location, and at the same time guarantee you a comprehensive overview and orientation of the German-language or international media landscape.

Included media types:

  • Daily newspapers
  • Weekly newspapers
  • Online newspapers
  • City magazines
  • Advertising papers
  • Magazines, journals & scholarly journals
  • Private & public radio stations
  • Private & public television stations
  • News agencies & press portals
  • Wide-reaching online portals
  • NEW: Publishers, Blogs, Podcasts, Record Labels, Forums & Communities

NEW: Find Media Entries Faster and Select Them by Topic:

  • over 750 topics/tags and 1,100 public lists included

NOW NEW: Linked media data

  • Direct links to the current media data of 0 Media in DACH for your ad planning already included

NOW NEW: Linked social media accounts

  • Direct links to the media's official profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. included for quick contact via social media

NEW: Identification of Relevant Addressees

Find relevant contact persons or deposit, import and manage existing own contacts.

NEW: Thanks to the integration of the LinkedIn® & Xing® search function, finding*** relevant direct contacts such as journalists or editors of the media deposited in our database is now even more efficient and time-saving: with one click, the search starts and shows you potential contacts for your request. In addition, you have access to all editorial email addresses including phone number and can export them - depending on the selected product variant - for sending your press release, e.g. for importing into Outlook or your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

In addition, the imprint of the provider is directly linked in the respective media profile, with the help of which you can quickly and easily find always up-to-date, direct contact persons according to function and department.

How Can I Use the Media & PR Database?

Much more than just a directory: A tool for greater reach and visibility.

The goal of the media database is to keep the research and maintenance effort for your PR & press work, but also your marketing or your media & campaign planning as low as possible. Forget weeks of research, decentralized bookmarks and outdated Excel ©** tables or time-consuming manual data maintenance of your press distribution list. Algorithms ensure that the data is regularly updated and can be accessed via browser at any time and from any location. In addition, the database is constantly expanded and updated several times a day (0 changes in the last 30 days alone, 0 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

For example, you can quickly get an overview of the relevant channels (newspapers, magazines, publishers, radio stations, TV stations - whether local, regional or national), save entries in a personal watch list and export them together with email addresses, e.g. for import into MS Outlook ©** or your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). You can then reach them specifically with your press releases. We will be happy to assist you in selecting a suitable CRM.

* The data and email addresses come exclusively from publicly accessible data sources and comply with the requirements of the Basic Data Protection Regulation DSGVO.

** registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, USA

*** to use this feature you need an active Xing or LinkedIn account

Product Scope, Features & License Duration

Tailored to your needs: Three strong product variants.

You can choose between four product variants: Single, team, enterprise or agency license.

The number of media contained is the same for all four variants. The main difference is in the team functionality from the Team variant and the maximum number of possible users. A change to a multi-user version or a runtime extension is possible at any time in the user account. You can find more information on the order page / in the menue item "Shop".

Increase Media Visibility, Raise Awareness. Your Benefits at a Glance

Independent of the selected product variant:

  • High and constantly growing number of media outlets included (a large part of the total media market)
  • Comprehensive search, filtering, sorting & management functions for maximum time saving
  • Also usable on the go via smartphone & tablet
  • Best price/performance ratio on the market: Amortization already from one saved working hour per month
  • No automatic renewal - no subscription
  • Convenient payment by invoice
  • High data protection and security standards
  • Continuous optimization and further development according to customer requirements

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I use the media & PR database?

At (Link) we have put together a quick guide to the media PR database. All functions of our browser-based PR software are listed on as well as on the order page (

Forget tedious to maintain Excel lists and use the extensive sorting, filtering and management functions of our databases - so you can focus on what's important: Your message.

What should I keep in mind when writing a press release?

In our checklist on press releases, we have summarized the most important rules and formal requirements for you.

Where and how can I publish my press release?

With the Media & PR Database, Fischer | Data Science. offers a cost-effective browser-based PR software for your public relations work. The database currently contains information on more than 20,000 media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations as well as all news agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What is a press release distributor?

A media distribution list or press distribution list is a way of sending a message, e.g. a press release, to several recipients or multipliers at the same time. This can be done either by yourself using an email program or by providers who offer direct mailing of press releases. Often, the cost of this service is several hundred euros per piece, whereas with our Media & PR Database 2024, the cost is only one time.

How much does a press release cost usually?

The costs for sending out press releases vary depending on the provider, range and scope.

Basically, a distinction must be made between costs for individual dispatch and subscription models with an unlimited number of dispatches during a license term.

In the rule the single dispatch of a short press release costs starting from 250, - €, longer messages can cost by different surcharges for more indications or attached pictures/press photos also 500, - to 700, - € per piece. Dispatch subscriptions usually cost several thousand euros - up to €6,000 per year and more - which is really worth it for very few companies.

With our media & PR database, which you can access for as little as 549,- EUR (only ~1.50 EUR per day) per year, you can create and maintain your own distribution list and send out your messages yourself.

The advantage: On the one hand, the costs for database access are only slightly higher than sending out a single press release with other competitors - i.e. you save costs from as early as the second press release per year. On the other hand, by using your own e-mail address for dispatch, you can follow up or follow up with the editors.

Do you need someone to professionally write and formulate your press release for you? We will be happy to put you in touch with professional PR copywriters from our partner agency pool.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

How do I find suitable journalists?

You can find suitable journalists either via the media URLs linked in the respective media profile or via one of the over 15,000 direct links to the imprint or via the Xing & LinkedIn search function.

PR for founders & startups: How can I get started cheaply?

Many founders know the problem: You have spent months or even years developing a new product and are now looking for potential customers.

In this case, we have two products to help founders get off to a good start in self-employment: Firstly, our Media & PR database with over 20,000 German-language media for establishing contacts and sending press releases to draw attention to your new product or company, and secondly, our company database, which allows you to find potential customers for your product or services cost-effectively and in a time-saving manner, while at the same time monitoring the market and thus your competitors.

If you do not want to print and send your postal mailings yourself, simply use our lettershop service. You deliver the content of the mailing in pdf format, we take care of the rest - printing, postage and shipping included.

Because of our fair prices, the unit costs per address are more favorable, thus allowing you to send more mailings, e.g. several thousand, quickly and easily, and thus to gain more new customers.

For more information about our media & PR database or company database, please click here. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form or by phone.

Where can I find journalists?

The staff of the central editorial office or the newsdesk of an editorial office usually forwards press releases directly to the respective specialist editors and journalists. Always up-to-date contact details of journalists can be found on the linked media pages themselves. Via the links to both the URL and the imprint of a medium in the included media profiles as well as in the tabular overview, you can find them more efficiently and systematically than with manual research, saving valuable time - and at a much lower price than with journalist databases.

Press directory or journalist database: What's the difference?

The difference between a press directory or an editorial database, such as the Media & PR Database by Fischer | Data Science, and journalist databases lies in the scope of the data provided.

Whereas journalist databases contain the contact data of the journalists and these have to be kept up to date by means of an editorial department and at high costs, our editorial database is an efficient research tool that provides you with the best possible overview of the entire media landscape and with which you can find the latest data directly on the media pages in a structured and systematic manner much faster than with manual research - and at significantly lower prices than journalists' databases, which usually cost several thousand euros per year.

Where can I find journalist profiles?

Journalist data is not part of our database due to the Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). However, since we have linked the media including imprint (over 18,000) directly in the media profile as well as in the tabular overview, you can find them efficiently and systematically and store them for later use in the media profile if required. In addition, you can find journalists via the Xing & LinkedIn search function, add them as contacts and contact them later, thus expanding your network with new contacts.

How many journalists are included in the PR database?

As an editorial database, our Media & PR Database itself does not include journalist data. However, with the Media & PR Database 2024, we provide you with an efficient research tool as the most time-saving solution for quickly and systematically finding up-to-date contact data of journalists for your concerns in the media contained - and at a significantly lower cost than with other solutions.

How does the Media & PR Database make my day-to-day work in public relations easier?

Our media & PR database reduces your workload and research effort for setting up your own press distribution to a minimum and at the same time guarantees you a comprehensive overview of the (German-speaking) media landscape. All functions and information about the Media & PR Database can be found here. A short guide for press work with the database can be found here.

Where can I find current media data for newspapers and magazines?

Direct links to current media data can be found in our Media & PR Database. It currently contains over 4,300 links to the media data of newspapers, magazines and other media in the DACH region.

What are the product variants?

Our media & PR database 2024 is available for different needs in three different variants - from the single license to the agency variant. You can find more information about the different versions and prices here here.

How many email addresses are included?

Our Media & PR Database 2024 currently already contains more than 13,000 e-mail addresses in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Are fax numbers included?

Even though fax machines are being used less and less, fax numbers to around 4,000 media outlets are included in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

How do I find potential contacts?

You can find potential contacts either via the imprint linked in the respective profile or via the included Xing & LinkedIn search function.

What contact information is included?

Our media & PR database contains editorial contact details such as name, address, editorial email address, URL, direct links to imprint, media data, Xing & LinkedIn profiles (if available).

Which topics does the media & PR database cover?

For a large part of the entries contained in our media & PR database, tags & topics are available, which can be used to filter the media by topic. In total, you can choose from around 750 topics and thus find the right media for your concern faster.

Currently the following topics are covered by tags:

africa agriculture shares fishing anime gazette archaeology architecture conservation aesthetics astronomy audio car automation baking build beauty mountain sports berlin profession business administration education biochemistry biology biotechnology bitcoin blockchain blog bodybuidling stock market botany books business camping chemistry surgery christianity coaching comic magazine computer computing defi dementia demography dermatology design germany didactics digital e-bike e-commerce e-mobility e-sports railroad electro-mobility electronics electrical engineering parents energy entertainment entrepreneur epidemiology nutrition adult education ethics ethnology evangelical events professional magazine trade magazine bicycle family fashion feminism television film finance fitness aviation airplane football research forum photography women freelancer free time football soccer gaming garden gastronomy building services money gender genetics geography geology geriatrics german studies gerontology history society health health policy golf golf gourmet free newspaper founder hamburg handball trade handicraft house building pets home cinema home improvement heating hifi hiphop wood hotel dogs hypnosis real estate immunology industry informatics innovation interior internet investing investigative islam hunt hunt hunter yearbook jazz jogging jogging journal journalism judaism youth law career catholic cats motor vehicle children cinema church classical music climbing climate climate change kmu cooking communication cosmetics cryptocurrencies culture art agriculture running running food teaching teacher learning lifestyle linux literature logistics aviation ventilation poetry girl magazine manga men marketing mechanical engineering massages mathematics media medicine medical engineering marine biology metal migration microbiology military middle class mobility mode model making monthly magazine motorcycle munich museum music sustainability news news agency news magazine news channel nightlife nature nature conservation natural science net culture neurology nfts offroad ecology oncology online magazine online magazine open-access journal open-source surgery ornithology austria outdoor pedagogy pedelec horses plants care pharma philosophy physics physiology podcast politics portal press press portal celebrities psychiatry psychology public-relations queer radio radiology cycling guide space travel law travel horseback riding religion recipes rock music running satire school switzerland independent independence seniors series ski software sound social work social pedagogy social science sociology games sports language state city magazine startup statistics taxes foundations street magazine students study surf daily newspaper dance dance technology technology theater theology animals animal welfare table tennis tourism tourism toxicology transport environment environmental protection environmental science maintenance company entrepreneur teaching vacation fathers vegan vegetarian consumer traffic publisher insurance quarterly vip birds bird watching bird protection forest water sports wine education wellness weather winter sports economy knowledge science weekly weekly magazine weekly housing yoga dentistry magazine newspaper zoology

Can I import existing contacts?

The import for own contact data is in preparation. So far, the additional contact data found via the included (media) URLs and direct links to imprint and media data can be stored in a common field in the respective media profile. A contact management with mask, divided by salutation, name, first name, email address, Xing & LinkedIn profile URL etc., is currently not yet implemented.

Are all major media outlets included?

Yes, all leading media and important other media are included. Our search algorithms (crawler) constantly scan the Internet for new newspapers, magazines and radio stations, so that we can keep our database up-to-date and constantly expand it.

According to which filter criteria or characteristics can the media be filtered?

Select filter criteria

Currently, around 20,000 media are included in the DACH region. Therefore, it makes sense to filter the database entries via the search mask, e.g. by media type, location or day/topic, in order to limit the number of search results. The following filter criteria are available for this purpose:

1. Keyword search, e.g. search in the title or one of 62 other media characteristics

2. Select type /media type

3. Search in tag/topic

4. Select covered countries (optional)

5. Select covered languages (optional)

6. Search in location

7. in zip code

8. in county/canton

9. in federal state

10. in country

11. Date added

12. Search result grouping options

13. Number of results per page

14. My lists (if you have created them)

15. Public lists

Additionally, the following checkboxes are displayed to further filter the search results:

- in my favorites

- on my watchlist

- with personal information

provided that this applies to at least one media entry in each case.

You can select as many features as you like and perform combined searches. Note, however, that the loading time increases slightly with each additional feature.

Search tip: Find and select suitable media: Which media are thematically and geographically relevant? Which media type is particularly suitable for establishing contact?

You can then sort the search results filtered by the filter criteria, e.g. in descending order by Twitter follower count, relevance/reach or another characteristic. For example, you can also have only media with a Twitter profile or only media with a Facebook page displayed in order to select the media more specifically and thus prioritize them for establishing contact.

Tip: Under "Settings" (gear icon) you can define further individual settings such as preset number of search results per page and search options.

I need direct contacts for my press distribution list. Do you also have them on offer?

If you want to save more time and get direct contact persons for your topic, we offer you with our research service the possibility to deposit current direct contact persons in the editorial offices for you already. You will find the prices and further information under services.

Can I export the data?

Yes. There are basically two options for contacting the media or editorial teams included: On the one hand, you can click on the linked e-mail address in the respective media profile to write and send individual e-mails, and on the other hand, you can export the e-mail addresses contained in a list-based format, e.g., a list you created "Broadcast New Opening 1/2024", i.e., several contact data at once, for later use in MS Outlook or your CRM.

Currently there are two export formats available: CSV format and JSON format. In addition, you can download the contact data stored in the media profile via business card for import into Outlook. If you need other export formats, we will be happy to provide them.

Does the contract automatically renew at the end of the contract period?

No. Unlike other providers, our licenses or contracts do not renew automatically. If you want to continue to benefit from current data in the future, you can extend your license in the user account at any time or switch to a team variant.

What is the difference between the product variants?

The difference between the individual product variants is primarily in the number of possible users. We offer you a cost-effective entry with the single-user license (Basic).

If your needs change or if you want to have database access with several people in a team, you can opt for a Team (Professional) license. For agencies we offer the Agency license.

All prices and features can be found here.

How do I renew my license?

In the customer area ("My account") you have the possibility to extend your license or to upgrade to a team version.

Where can I redeem my voucher code?

You have received a voucher code from us or one of our sales partners? To redeem a voucher code, enter the code under point 4 in our shop. Price and duration will be adjusted automatically.

Can I export the data for my CRM or use it in SalesHub or Salesforce?

Yes. The data can be exported for Outlook or your CRM.