Media & PR Database

What is the Media & PR Database?

Thousands of new opportunities for your public relations work.

Our Media & PR database is an online database of media outlets and currently consists of 0 Websites or URLs and email addresses of newspapers, newspaper publishers, magazines, radio and TV stations in 192 countries worldwide including 0 newspaper, magazine & radio editorial offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This makes it one of the most comprehensive media databases on the market.

Extensive sorting and filtering functions (e.g. by location, web ranking/number of visitors, keyword, category) allow all relevant results to be found quickly. Numerous features enable an optimal workflow and maximum time savings in identifying media and ensure the best possible overview and coverage.

Included media types:

  • Daily newspapers
  • Weekly newspapers
  • Online newspapers
  • Advertising papers
  • City Magazines
  • NEW: Radio Stations
  • Television stations
  • Wide-reach online portals

Identification of relevant addressees

Find relevant contacts or store, import and manage your own existing contacts.

NEW: Thanks to the integration of the LinkedIn & Xing search function, finding relevant direct contacts such as journalists or editors of the media stored in the database is now even more efficient and time-saving: With one click, the search starts and shows you direct contacts for your request. In addition, you have access to all editorial email addresses including telephone number and can export them - depending on the selected product variant - for sending your press release, e.g. for importing into Outlook or your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

How can I use the media database?

Much more than just a directory: A tool for greater reach and visibility.

The aim of the media database is to keep the research and maintenance effort for your PR & press work, but also your marketing or media & campaign planning as low as possible. Forget weeks of research, decentralised bookmarks and outdated Excel ©** tables or time-consuming manual data maintenance of your press distribution list. Algorithms ensure that the data is always up-to-date and can be accessed via browser at any time and from any place. In addition, the database is constantly expanded and updated several times a day (more than 0 changes in the last 30 days).

For example, you can quickly get an overview of the relevant channels (newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, radio stations, TV stations - whether local, regional or national), save entries in a personal watch list and export them together with email addresses, e.g. for import into MS Outlook ©** or your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). You can then reach them directly with your press releases. We will be happy to help you select a suitable CRM.

* The data and email addresses come exclusively from publicly accessible data sources and meet the requirements of the basic data protection regulation DSGVO.

** registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, USA

Product scope, features & license duration

Oriented to your needs: Four strong product variants.

You have the choice - between four product variants (single, team, company or agency license), two durations (12 or 24 months) and three geographical regions (Germany/Austria/Switzerland (DACH), Europe and worldwide). Save up to 30% when choosing a two-year license compared to single purchase.

A change to another version or an extension of the runtime is of course possible at any time in the user account.

Reduce distribution costs. Increase sales. Your advantages at a glance

Regardless of the product variant selected:

  • Highest possible coverage and timeliness of data
  • Maximum time saving
  • Extensive search, filter, sort & administration functions
  • Best price / performance ratio on the market
  • Amortization already from one saved working hour per month
  • No automatic renewal - no subscription
  • Payment on account
  • High data protection and security standards
  • Continuous optimization and further development according to customer requirements

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