Company Database 2022

Our solution for B2B-marketing, acquisition & sales: The 2022 company database

3 Million German company addresses for your sales.
Save up to 90% of the costs for the addresses of your potential customers in the future and network with relevant contacts, such as buyers, managing directors and other decision-makers.

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With the company database of Fischer | Data Science. you always have an up-to-date and complete overview of the German corporate landscape.

Our company directory currently consists of 3 million active companies and daily updated commercial register information of all forms of companies listed in the commercial register, from the merchant, to the GmbH to the corporation, to which you can send your mailings and advertising brochures.

Our-Lettershop Service: You need a large number of company addresses for your marketing or sales?

With our fair rates you remain flexible at all times (no automatic renewal) and customize your order according to your individual needs.

Our organization and company database includes the following types of companies:

  • GmbHs
  • Joint-stock companies / AGs (German: Aktiengesellschaften)
  • Enterprise companies (UGs haftungsbeschränkt)
  • Corporations under civil law (GbRs)
  • Associations
  • Foundations
  • Agencies
  • registered merchants
  • OHGs, KGs & Ltds.
  • All start-ups, changes & insolvencies

incl. company address, state, registering district court, commercial register number, VAT ID No., business status, date of incorporation, tag / topic / business purpose (if available).

NOW NEW: Identification of relevant addressees

Find relevant contact persons or deposit, import and manage existing own contacts.

Thanks to the integration of the LinkedIn® & Xing® search function, finding*** relevant direct contacts such as managing directors, buyers and other decision makers of the companies deposited in our database is now even more efficient and time-saving: with one click, the search starts and shows you potential contacts for your request.

How can I use the company database?

Much more than just a directory: A tool for more customers and sales.

The goal of the company database is to keep the research and maintenance effort for your marketing and sales as low as possible. Forget weeks of research, decentralized bookmarks and outdated Excel ©** tables or time-consuming manual data maintenance of your address databases. Algorithms ensure that the data is updated regularly ( changes in the last 30 days alone) and can be accessed via browser at any time and from any location. In addition, the database is constantly being expanded and supplemented.

So you can, for example, quickly get an overview of the relevant companies, whether local, regional or national, save entries in a personal watch list and export them together with other storable characteristics such as email addresses, e.g. for import into MS Outlook ©** or your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). You can then target them with your mailings. We will be happy to assist you in selecting a suitable CRM.

* The data come exclusively from publicly available data sources and comply with the requirements of the Basic Data Protection Regulation DSGVO

** registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, USA

*** to use this feature you need an active Xing or LinkedIn account

Product scope, features & license term

Saving time made easy - thanks to extensive functions


Unlike other providers, you don't get simple Excel lists with us, but have more extensive filtering, sorting, and selection functions in the customer area to find your potential customers in a standalone backend area - even on the go via smartphone or tablet.

Place entries on the watch list or favorites list, or create your own lists depending on the intended use. You can then export the data, for example, list-based for mailings.

You can find more information about the functions below in the FAQ section.

A switch to a team version for shared access to the database by several employees or a runtime extension is possible at any time in the user account.

Find new customers with ease. Your advantages at a glance:

Independent on the selected product variant:

  • High number of included companies (coverage >95% of all companies listed in the commercial register)
  • Extensive search, filtering, sorting & management functions for maximum time savings vs. manual research
  • Best price/performance ratio on the market
  • Payback from as little as one labor hour saved per month
  • No automatic renewal - no subscription
  • Convenient payment by invoice
  • High privacy and security standards
  • Continuous optimization and further development according to customer wishes

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Should you rent or buy company addresses?

The question of whether to buy or rent company addresses, e.g. for direct marketing purposes, occupies many entrepreneurs, founders and managing directors.

At FDS, you receive the company addresses via data access to our company database, which has a term and thus an update period of 12 months after the order date. Your advantage: You always have up-to-date addresses and do not have to maintain and manage them manually, as is the case with competitions via an Excel list, for example.

In accordance with our license and terms of use, you can continue to use the address data after the 12 months have expired, i.e. in contrast to rented addresses, you can also use them multiple times and for different mailings, but you will then no longer receive any updates or address updates.

If you are currently looking for daily updated contact addresses of companies for your marketing or sales, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions about the variants of our company database.

You need an individual data compilation? Please contact us here.

Where can I find marketing addresses?

Company addresses or marketing addresses are part of our company database, which currently contains over 3 million companies in Germany from all industries that are listed in the commercial register.

All information, such as the scope and functions of the company database, can be found here.

You need individual lists or data compilations? Please contact us here .

What should I consider when buying B2B addresses?

In addition to the timeliness and scope of address data, the pricing as well as the range of functions of the company addresses is also relevant for the buyer.

Often, with other providers, you only receive simple Excel lists that do not update automatically and that you can usually only manage and maintain locally on your PC. This makes it difficult to work on the data set at the same time.

With our company database we offer you not only a comprehensive overview of the German company landscape, but also a clear customer area with the help of which you can select the companies, put them on lists and further filter and sort them. A To-Do, Memo, and Favorites lists as well as a rating function for personal assessment of the relevance of an entry (1-5 stars) for further prioritization (high, medium, low) are included.

This gives you a clear advantage over other solutions on the market with the time-saving selection and management functions, and you don't have to be an Excel professional to create these functions yourself.

Finally, access to our company database with access to around 3 million company addresses is available for as little as €549 per state or €849 for the whole of Germany, while other providers charge from 10 to 37 cents per address.

You can find more information about the company database here.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via our contact form or by phone.

What does your optimal distribution solution look like?

An optimal sales solution saves you one thing above all: work - and thus valuable time.

Forget about tedious Excel lists and use the extensive sorting, filtering and management functions of our databases - so that you can concentrate on the essentials: Your new customers.

For more information on the benefits of our company database for your marketing or sales, click here.

How can I use the company addresses?

You can use the company addresses from our company database for your own company for an unlimited period of time - even after the license or update period of 12 months has expired (see License & Terms of Use).

If you would like to acquire new customers, you can export the addresses for your direct mailings at any time in various formats and thus use them, for example, for serial printing of cover letters.

No printer? No problem! Simply use our lettershop service. You deliver us the cover letter or print product (flyers, brochures) in pdf or Word format. We take care of the rest - from printing to franking to dispatch.

We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you. You can reach us here.

How do I select my target group?

With our search function, you can search the company database for a variety of characteristics.

A good starting point is the keyword search in the company name. In addition, for a large number of company entries, one or more tags are available that locate the company thematically.

In the future, the website and social media profiles will also be included in the categorization or industry assignment. You will receive updates to this free of charge during the term.

Further information on the functions and scope of our company database can be found here.

How often is the company database updated?

Our company data base is updated daily to include all changes and new startups.

How many companies are there in Germany?

Our 2022 company database currently lists over 3 million active companies of all legal forms from Germany, which is in line with data from the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden.

How do I find potential customers?

You can find potential customers in our company database on a keyword or topic basis via the tags/topics included. Select the appropriate geographical region for your case beforehand to limit the number of search results.

How can I export the company addresses and contact details?

Various formats such as .csv, .xls, .json are available for data export.

How much do B2B company addresses cost per piece?

Usually, company addresses for direct marketing cost from 10 cents to about 35 cents per piece. If the address data is to be enriched with further features, the prices per data record can also exceed €1 per address.

Address databases in the subscription model usually cost several thousand euros per year, up to €6,000 p.a. and are limited to several thousand or a few tens of thousands of addresses.

Our Company Database sees itself as a cost-effective alternative to established offers - and this already starting from 549,- € p.a.

Find more information and prices here .

As a single user, can I later switch to a multi-user version?

Yes, if your needs change and you want to access the database with multiple users in parallel, you can upgrade to a team variant in the user account.

Does the contract automatically renew at the end of the contract period?

No. Unlike other providers, our licenses or contracts do not renew automatically. If you want to continue to benefit from current data in the future, you can extend your license in the user account at any time or switch to a team variant.

What is the difference between the product variants?

The difference between the individual product variants is primarily in the number of possible users. We offer you a cost-effective entry with the single-user license (Basic). If your needs change or if you want to have database access with several people in a team, you can opt for a Team (Professional) or Enterprise (Premium) license, with an unlimited number of users in your company. For agencies we offer the Agency license. All prices and features can be found here.

How do I renew my license?

In the customer area ("My account") you have the possibility to extend your license or to upgrade to a team version.

How is the data collected?

The data collection for our database is mostly automated via our crawling infrastructure. You can find more information about this here.

Can I test the database in a demo version?

Yes. We offer you the possibility to test our database free of charge in a 7-day test phase with reduced data volume. To do this, first register at and create a user account there. We will then send you an e-mail with information on how to access the demo version. There is no automatic booking or renewal.

Is the access to your databases also available in a bundle?

Yes. Especially for startups & founders, but also for all other customer groups, we offer our media & PR database together with the company database also in a bundle with up to 27% discount compared to single purchase. Click here for the bundle offers.

Where can I redeem my voucher code?

You have received a voucher code from us or one of our sales partners? To redeem a voucher code, enter the code under point 4 in our shop. Price and duration will be adjusted automatically.

Can I export the data for my CRM or use it in SalesHub or Salesforce?


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