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How does PR work for authors? How your book gets media attention

03/24/2023 | By: FDS

PR (public relations) is an important aspect for authors to get the word out about their books and their work. Here are some tips for doing PR for authors and getting more media attention:

Press Releases: Write a press release to publicize the release of your book. The release should include all the important information about the book, the author, and the publisher. Distribute the press release to various media outlets and make sure it is also posted on your website.

Review copies: Offer review copies to attract media attention to your book. Target reviewers in your target audience and send them a copy of your book. Make sure the book is in good condition and include a short personal note.

Guest posts: Write guest posts for relevant media to generate interest in your book. Make sure the article is topically relevant to the book and offers an interesting perspective on the topic. Link to your website or the book to generate more exposure.

Events: Organize readings and other events to promote your book. Invite local media and book clubs and use social media to promote the event. Also offer the opportunity to buy signed books to increase visitor interest.

Blogging: Start a blog to write regularly about your book and other relevant topics. Use social media to promote your blog and attract readers. Make sure the content is interesting and relevant to pique the interest of your target audience.

By using these PR strategies, you can generate more media attention for your book and expand your audience. It takes a little work and time, but it's an important investment in the success of your book.

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