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Successful in Google News: How companies become publishers and increase their media presence

01/16/2024 | By: FDS

In the digital era, visibility is crucial, especially for companies that want to communicate their messages and information to a wide audience. A prime way to achieve this is through inclusion in Google News. In this article, you will learn how companies can become publishers and place their press releases and blog posts in this prominent news platform.

The online presence of companies has evolved from static websites to dynamic content that offers added value to users. Google News is one of the leading platforms where users can find the latest news and information from a variety of sources. Here's how companies can make the move to becoming a publisher:

1. Create high quality and relevant content:

Before businesses are included in Google News, it is crucial to produce high-quality and relevant content. This includes not only press releases, but also well-researched blog posts and articles on industry-specific topics. Valuable content not only attracts readers, but also increases the chances of being accepted by Google News as a trusted source.

2. Building a professional website:

A company's own website is its figurehead. A professional design, easy navigation and fast loading times are crucial to retaining users and gaining recognition from Google News.

3. Integration of news and blog sections:

To appear as a publisher, companies should create separate sections for news and blog posts on their website. This not only makes it easier for users to find relevant content, but also allows Google News to index these specific sections.

4. Implement structured data:

Structured data helps search engines better understand the content of a website. Companies should ensure that they use structured data in accordance with Google guidelines to increase the chances of being displayed in Google News.

5. Register in the Google Publisher Center:

Google Publisher Center is the gateway to publishing content in Google News. This is where companies can register their website, manage their content and provide relevant information.

6. Compliance with the quality guidelines:

Google News places great importance on the quality and credibility of the content it publishes. Companies must ensure that their content is free of misleading information, misinformation and questionable content in order to be and remain included in Google News.

7. Continuous updating:

Keeping content current is critical. Regular updates of news and blog posts not only show engagement, but also increase the likelihood of appearing in Google News headlines.

Inclusion in Google News as a business can significantly increase reach and visibility. With quality content, a professional website and adherence to guidelines, businesses can solidify their presence on this major news platform and reach a wider audience.

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When to call journalists? Best time & deadline

12/15/2023 | By: FDS
It depends on which media publisher is to be contacted. Normally, most publishers offer telephone accessibility between 8:00 and 18:00. However, the times may differ depending on the publisher. One should also take into account that there may be an editorial deadline on weekends or holidays. In general, it is advisable not to reach a journalist too late, as they may already be thinking about their next deadline.
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Build & maintain press distribution lists - How to minimize the amount of work involved in finding new contacts

11/15/2023 | By: FDS

1. Create a list of relevant contacts: Create a list of contacts that are relevant to your press distribution list. This includes publishers, editors, freelance journalists, bloggers and other media representatives.

2. Follow relevant news regularly: Follow relevant news regularly to be informed about new contacts in your press distribution list. Use social media, newsletters or similar sources for this purpose.

3. Use a professional distribution list management tool: Use a professional distribution list management tool to manage and organize your press distribution list. This tool can help you sort and manage your press distribution list.

4. Use your network: use your network to find and add new contacts. Ask your friends and colleagues to help you find new contacts.

5. Be continuous: be continuous in finding new contacts and add new contacts regularly. This will ensure that your press distribution list is always up-to-date and relevant.

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Finding the right publisher - tips for authors

10/18/2023 | By: FDS

Finding the right publisher can be a challenge for aspiring authors. In a time when many publishing options are available, it is crucial to find the publisher that best suits your needs and goals. In this article, we offer tips and advice on how to find the right publisher for your book project.

1. Understand your own goals: Before you start looking for a publisher, you should be clear about your own goals. Do you want to reach a wide readership and have a presence in bookshops? Or do you prefer the independence that self-publishing offers? Clarity about your goals will help you choose the right path.

2. Research the market: Thorough research of the publishing market is crucial. Identify publishers that are active in your genre or niche. Look at books that are similar to your own work in terms of content and style, and check which publisher has published them.

3. Editing and quality: A reputable publisher should have an effective editing service to ensure that your book is professionally edited. Pay attention to the quality of books the publisher has already published. This can give you an insight into the publisher's standards.

4. Publisher size and reputation: Publishing houses come in different sizes, from large publishing conglomerates to small independent publishers. Consider which type of publisher best suits your book. Large publishers often offer greater distribution opportunities, while small publishers can offer more personalised attention.

5. Author references: Look at which authors have already worked with the publisher. References and experiences of other authors can provide valuable information.

6. Contract and terms: Read any publishing contract carefully and pay attention to the publishing terms, licensing rights and remuneration. It is advisable to take legal advice to ensure that the contract is fair.

7. Communication with the publisher: Contact the publisher for more information and to clarify any questions. Open and clear communication is crucial to ensure that both parties understand expectations.

8. Consider self-publishing: A traditional publisher is not always the best option. Self-publishing platforms offer authors the opportunity to self-publish their books and control the entire process.

9. Patience and perseverance:mFinding the right publisher can take time. Be patient and don't give up if you receive rejections. Even established authors have often received many rejections before their breakthrough.

To sum up: finding the right publisher

Choosing the right publisher is a crucial step for authors. It requires research, patience and a clear idea of your goals. With the right efforts and a willingness to work hard, you can find the publisher that best suits your book project and gives you the opportunity to share your message with the world

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How does PR work for authors? How your book gets media attention

03/24/2023 | By: FDS

PR (public relations) is an important aspect for authors to get the word out about their books and their work. Here are some tips for doing PR for authors and getting more media attention:

Press Releases: Write a press release to publicize the release of your book. The release should include all the important information about the book, the author, and the publisher. Distribute the press release to various media outlets and make sure it is also posted on your website.

Review copies: Offer review copies to attract media attention to your book. Target reviewers in your target audience and send them a copy of your book. Make sure the book is in good condition and include a short personal note.

Guest posts: Write guest posts for relevant media to generate interest in your book. Make sure the article is topically relevant to the book and offers an interesting perspective on the topic. Link to your website or the book to generate more exposure.

Events: Organize readings and other events to promote your book. Invite local media and book clubs and use social media to promote the event. Also offer the opportunity to buy signed books to increase visitor interest.

Blogging: Start a blog to write regularly about your book and other relevant topics. Use social media to promote your blog and attract readers. Make sure the content is interesting and relevant to pique the interest of your target audience.

By using these PR strategies, you can generate more media attention for your book and expand your audience. It takes a little work and time, but it's an important investment in the success of your book.

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