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What are common sources of error for freelancers?

1d ago | By: FDS

1. Inadequate planning and time management: freelancers are often prone to overlooking project and time constraints.

2. Inadequate pricing: Freelancers often underestimate their own value, which can result in them not being paid adequately for their services.

3. Inadequate communication: freelancers are often unable to communicate effectively with clients and other stakeholders, which can lead to misunderstandings and problems.

4. Inadequate documentation: freelancers are often unable to properly document their work, which can lead to poor project organization.

5. Inadequate contracts: Freelancers are often unable to sign clear and specific contracts, which can lead to legal difficulties.

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Fundraising from corporate donors - We show how it's done

6d ago | By: FDS

Fundraising is an important activity that nonprofits use to raise money for their work. To be successful, organizations need to appeal to a variety of fundraising sources, including individuals, foundations, governments, and corporations. Corporate donations are a valuable source because they can donate a larger amount of money than individuals. There are several ways that businesses can help a nonprofit organization. These include financial donations, in-kind donations, employee time and donation programs.

The first task is to find businesses that may be interested in donating. Some companies have specific programs to support certain communities or nonprofits, while others specialize in a broader range of giving. It is important to research a company's donation policies and programs to ensure that the organization is relevant to the company.

After finding a company interested in fundraising, the organization needs to create a professional fundraising appeal. This should include a brief summary of the nonprofit and its mission, greatest needs and successes. It is important to have a clear plan for how the money will be used. If possible, specific examples of projects made possible by donations should also be included.

It is also important to include a contact at the organization with whom a direct dialogue can be opened. This contact can be the person representing the company in the fundraising effort or someone familiar with the organization.

After the fundraising appeal is created, the organization should contact the companies directly. It is important to provide a personal touch and convey a sense of the organization's mission and needs. It is also advisable to give the businesses a reason why they should support this particular organization.

If the company makes a donation, it is important to be grateful and show appreciation for the donation. This can take the form of press releases, social media posts, thank you cards and other forms of appreciation. These actions strengthen the company's image and increase the likelihood that it will make additional donations in the future.

Corporate fundraising can be a lucrative source for nonprofits. It is important to create a professional donation request and have a contact at the company with whom a direct dialogue can be opened. Once a donation has been received, it is important to be grateful and show appreciation in order to reinforce a positive image of the company and receive further donations.

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Can I advertise on Youtube without creating a video?

14d ago | By: FDS

Yes, it is possible to advertise on YouTube without creating your own video. You can use the Google Ads platform for this, which allows you to place different types of ads on YouTube.

Some of the ad formats you can use are:

Ads on Google's Display Network: you can create ads in the form of images or animated GIFs and display them on YouTube.

Skippable video ads: These ads appear before, during, or after a video and can be skipped by the viewer.

Non-skippable video ads: These ads appear before or during a video and cannot be skipped.

Bumper ads: These short ads are shown before, during, or after a video and last only six seconds.

Overlay ads: These ads are superimposed over the video and can be clicked away by the viewer.

However, it's important to note that creating your own video can usually lead to a higher success rate because it gives the viewer a better understanding of your product or service. However, if you don't have the resources to create your own video, you can consider one of the other options.

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What do I have to pay attention to when placing online advertising?

17d ago | By: FDS

When placing online ads, there are several factors you should consider to create a successful campaign. Here are some important points you should consider:

Define clear goals: Before you start running online ads, you should set clear goals. Do you want to generate more traffic to your website, make more sales or increase your brand awareness? Depending on the objective, there are different strategies and tactics to optimize your campaign.

Choose the right audience: select the audience most likely to be interested in your products or services. Use demographic, geographic, and behavioral data to define your audience and target your ads.

Use engaging ads: Create engaging ads with eye-catching headlines, appealing images or videos, and clear call-to-actions. Make sure your ads are relevant and engaging to your target audience.

Use the right keywords: use relevant keywords in your ad to ensure it is seen by the right people. Use keyword tools to find relevant and frequently searched keywords.

Monitor your campaign: regularly monitor the performance of your campaign to make sure it's getting the results you want. Analyze your click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per click to see if your campaign is successful or if changes need to be made.

Test different ad versions: Create different ad versions with different headlines, descriptions, and ad extensions. Test these variations and analyze which ads work best. Use these insights to continuously improve your ads.

Pay attention to budgeting: make sure you keep an eye on your campaign budget and make sure you're getting the most out of your budget. Set bids to ensure that your ads are placed in the right place.

By keeping these points in mind, you can create a successful online advertising campaign that achieves your business goals and appeals to your target audience.

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Search engine optimization: how to optimize your website for search engines

23d ago | By: FDS

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of any online marketing strategy. It's about improving the visibility of a website in the organic search results of search engines like Google or Bing. In this article, we'll take a look at what SEO is, why it's important, and how to optimize your website for search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process that aims to improve a website's visibility and reach in organic search engine results. SEO encompasses a variety of techniques aimed at increasing a website's relevance and authority in order to achieve higher rankings in search results. The goal of SEO is to drive quality traffic to the website and attract potential customers.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is important because most users use a search engine to find answers to their questions or problems. If a website does not show up in search results, it loses potential customers to competitors that rank higher in search results. Through SEO, a website can generate more traffic, increase its authority and credibility, and ultimately generate more sales.

How to optimize your website for search engines

Keyword research: identify relevant keywords and phrases that your target audience would use when searching for your products or services. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find keyword ideas and evaluate their popularity and competitiveness.

On-page optimization: optimize your website for keywords and relevant content. Use meta title tags, meta descriptions and header tags to show search engines what your page is about.

Technical optimization: Make sure your website is technically sound. Use a clear and structured URL structure, load your page quickly and make sure it works well on mobile devices.

Content optimization: Create high-quality content that appeals to your target audience and contains relevant keywords. Use different types of content such as text, images and videos to provide users with a wider range of information.

Link building: make sure your website is linked to from other websites. Links from other websites signal to search engines that your website is relevant and trustworthy.


Search engine optimization is an important part of any online marketing strategy. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can generate more traffic, higher rankings in search results, and ultimately more sales.

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