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Editorial addresses cheap - How many are there and at what price?

07/25/2022 | By: FDS

Whether a freshly founded startup or already established company: Just about every company has an interest in bringing news worth reporting to the press, in this way directing the media focus on its own products or services, ultimately with the aim of reaching potential customers for more revenue and sales.

To this end, there are a wide variety of providers on the market with different prices and approaches. From free press portals to journalist databases costing tens of thousands of euros as subscription solutions, everything is represented on the market.

Fischer | Data Science. is completely committed to the Pareto principle. This states that 80% of the achievable effect can already be achieved with 20% of the money or time invested. Conversely, this means that each additional euro invested or each additional hour of work invested potentially brings less and less additional return or has less and less effect - regardless of how many more resources are actually used. In other words, in order to achieve the last 20% of the possible result, a multiple must be invested.

A journalist database with tens to hundreds of thousands of contact data of journalist:inside for several thousands of euros per year to be constantly maintained editorially with considerable personnel expenditure will not bring the average customer therefore in proportionally more mentions in the press and/or media articles.

At those costs, which otherwise usually already the dispatch of a single press release causes, we offer you the access to our media & PR database 2022 with over 16,000 editorial addresses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In contrast to more expensive solutions, we have automated the collection and maintenance process to the greatest possible extent - thus saving expensive personnel costs that would drive up the product price. Maximum impact with minimum effort.

For all information on the 2022 Media & PR Database, please visit the product page at

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