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Average Television Viewing Time in Germany

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The average television viewing time indicates how much time people spend on average watching television daily or weekly. This metric provides insights into the viewing habits of the population and can be of interest to advertisers, media companies, and researchers. In Germany, various studies and surveys have examined the average television viewing time.

Current Data on Average Television Viewing Time

The average television viewing time in Germany can vary depending on the study. According to different sources, the average television viewing time in recent years has ranged from approximately 180 to 220 minutes per day per person.

Factors Influencing Television Viewing Time

  • Age: Older individuals may tend to spend more time watching television than younger generations.
  • Employment Status: Unemployed or retired individuals may have more television viewing time compared to working individuals.
  • Availability of Streaming Services: The rise of streaming services may influence traditional television consumption.
  • Events and Seasonal Variations: Major sporting events or holidays can affect people's television viewing habits.


The average television viewing time in Germany varies depending on the study and can be influenced by various factors. Despite the increasing popularity of streaming services, television remains a popular medium for many people in Germany. Understanding television habits can be important for media companies, advertisers, and researchers to make informed decisions.

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