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Structure of a press release - This is how it should be structured

03/13/2023 | By: FDS

A press release should generally have the following structure:

Headline: The headline should be concise and meaningful and should pique the reader's interest.

Lead: The lead is the first paragraph of the press release and should summarize the most important information in a short, concise sentence.

Body: The body of the press release should present more details and background information about the topic of the press release. You can also include quotes from relevant people here to support your statements.

Closing: The closing of the press release should include a call-to-action, such as a request to contact you or a reference to further information.

Contact information: The end of the press release should include contact information for further information and interview requests.

Publication date: Also include the date when the press release may be published.

Dissemination method: You should also indicate how the press release may be distributed.

It is important that the press release is clearly structured and that the most important information is at the beginning. A well-structured and understandably written press release can help journalists pick up your story and report on it.

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