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Thousands of Euros for a press release? A swan song to conventional press distributors

12/27/2022 | By: FDS

A press release can be published in various ways, such as via social media, via special press distribution lists, via blogs and also via the company's own online channels. In most cases, however, it makes the most sense to use your own online channel to publish the press release. One can then resort to individual social media platforms, blogs and press distribution lists to spread the word.

By using a variety of avenues, one can ensure that the press release reaches as many people as possible. It is also important that the press release is written in an interesting and engaging way so that it appeals to readers and encourages them to read on.

In addition, you can also try sending the press release through a professional press distribution system. Many of these systems offer free trial periods where you can observe the results before making a decision. In most cases, however, it is not necessary to spend so much money on a press release.

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