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Send press release immediately without waiting time

4d ago | By: FDS

In an era where information spreads at lightning speed and news cycles are shorter than ever, time is of the essence. Companies and organizations must be able to disseminate crucial news immediately to stay relevant and reach their target audiences. But how can they ensure that their press releases reach the public without delay?

A groundbreaking solution to this problem has emerged in recent years: the instant distribution of press releases without waiting time. This new approach has revolutionized how companies publish news, offering numerous advantages.

Instant Dissemination for Real-time News

Traditionally, press releases were sent through press agencies, email distribution lists, and other channels. This process could take hours or even days for the information to reach the media and the target audience. However, such delays are unacceptable in today's digital world.

Instant distribution of press releases allows companies and organizations to spread real-time news without delay. This is particularly crucial in crisis situations, for important announcements, or in fast-paced industries such as technology or finance.

Direct Access to Media and Audiences

One of the biggest challenges in releasing press releases is ensuring they reach the right recipients. With instant distribution, companies can directly contact journalists, editors, and other media decision-makers to ensure their news is heard.

Furthermore, social media platforms and online press portals facilitate the rapid dissemination of press releases to a broad audience. This provides the opportunity to maximize reach and deliver news directly to readers without relying on intermediaries.

Easy Management and Analysis

The technology behind instant press release distribution also enables efficient management and analysis of news. Companies can track the success of their press releases in real time by monitoring metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and media coverage. This allows them to continuously optimize their communication strategy.

The Future of News Delivery

Instant press release distribution without waiting time is undoubtedly the future of news delivery. It provides companies and organizations with the ability to disseminate their news in real-time, specifically reach the right recipients, and track the success of their efforts.

In a time where information is critical, this innovative approach can offer a crucial competitive advantage. Therefore, companies should consider sending their press releases immediately to stay relevant in today's fast-paced media landscape.

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Free Press Release & Press Relations Guide

28d ago | By: FDS

We have summarized the most important tips and tricks for successful press work in 2022 for you in a free guide "Successful Press & Public Relations 2022" and will be happy to send it to you by e-mail on request. Simply request it now using our contact form.

Press Release & Press Relations Guide


Press releases and press relations are an important part of any successful marketing campaign, whether it’s for a product, service, or organization. Press releases can be used to generate media coverage and attract attention to your business. Press relations can help you develop relationships with media outlets and build a positive public image.

This guide will provide an overview of press releases and press relations, as well as some tips for getting the most out of your efforts.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a document containing newsworthy information about an organization, product, or service. It is typically distributed to media outlets and journalists for the purpose of generating publicity.

Press releases can be used to announce a new product or service, announce a change in executive leadership, announce a new partnership, or even announce a special event.

Press releases should be written in a clear, concise, and professional manner. They should be fact-based and include all relevant information in an easy-to-read format. The press release should also include contact information for the organization or individual issuing the release.

What is Press Relations?

Press relations is the process of developing relationships with media

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Success measurement & -documentation of a press release - from when it really makes sense

09/06/2023 | By: FDS

Measuring and documenting the success of a press release only makes sense if you have sufficient time and capacity to carry out a systematic and sound analysis. This means that you need to conduct appropriate monitoring and measurement of the press release and record the results before you can evaluate it as successful.

There are some basic steps you need to take to measure and document the success of a press release. First, you need to create a press release plan to determine how and when you will send out the press release. You will also need to define a set of objectives, such as which audience you want to target and what result you want to achieve.

Once the plan is set, you can combine the press release with a campaign to reinforce the release. You will also need to set up a system for recording the contacts. This can be done through CRM software or another contact management system.

You then need to measure and document the success of the press release. This can be done through a number of methods, such as collecting and analyzing data generated by the press release or the number of new contacts generated by the press release.

After you have completed measuring and documenting the success of the press release, you can compare and evaluate the results and draw conclusions. This will help you better plan and manage future press releases.

As a general rule, you should not begin measuring and documenting the success of a press release until you have received a reasonable volume of data a few weeks after the release. This gives you enough time to perform a sound analysis.

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Press Release Distribution Tool & Media Contacts for your success

08/31/2023 | By: FDS

An often-used tool by companies and PR professionals for distributing press releases and managing media contacts is called a "PR distribution service" or "PR software". Such tools assist in sending press releases to a wide range of media, journalists, and editorial teams, while organizing the entire PR process. Here are some popular options:

1. PR Newswire: This is one of the most well-known PR distribution services. It enables the distribution of press releases to a large number of media contacts and news agencies worldwide. They also provide analytics features to measure the success of your releases.

2. Business Wire: Similar to PR Newswire, Business Wire offers global distribution of press releases and media contact management. They also provide services like multimedia integration to include images, videos, and more in your releases.

3. Cision: Cision offers a comprehensive PR and media management platform. In addition to press release distribution, it facilitates media contact management, media monitoring, and result analysis.

4. PRWeb: PRWeb is a more cost-effective option for press release distribution. They offer different service packages to cater to the needs of various companies.

5. Meltwater: Meltwater offers not only press release distribution but also tools for media monitoring, social media analysis, and competitive research.

6. Prezly: Prezly serves as a PR platform focused on relationship management. It allows for the management of media contacts, creation of interactive press releases, and maintaining contact with journalists.

7. Mynewsdesk: Mynewsdesk is a PR platform that facilitates distribution, monitoring, and analysis of PR content. It also eases engagement with relevant media contacts.

Prior to selecting a tool, consider your specific requirements and budget considerations. It's also important to recognize that the success of your press releases depends not only on the choice of tool but also on the quality of the releases, their relevance to the target audience, and the relationships with media contacts.

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How to share a press release on social media

07/27/2023 | By: FDS

1. Create a press release that is relevant to your target audience. Include images and videos that highlight your message.

2. Share the press release on your social networks. Use different post formats like images, videos, links, GIFs, etc. to make the post interesting.

3. Use hashtags to spread your message. Create a hashtag that relates to your message and use it to tag your posts.

4. Respond to comments and questions that are asked about your press release. This will allow you to connect directly with your followers.

5. Provide active monitoring of your social media channels to respond to relevant news and developments.

6. Disseminate your press release on other platforms such as news websites, blogs and forums. You can also include links in emails to spread your message to a wide audience.

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