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The basics of media & press relations (public relations)

16d ago | By: FDS

1. Basic knowledge

2. What is media and press relations?

3. What are the different types of media and press relations?

4. What are the goals of media and press relations?

5. How can the goals be achieved?

6. What tools and techniques are used?

7. What are the risks associated with media and press relations?

8.. How to create a strategy?

9. How to create a media and press relations strategy?

10. What goals are realistic?

11. How to reach the right audience?

12. What media channels does one use?

13. How to measure the results?

14. How to create a press package?

15. What is a press kit?

16. How do you create a press kit?

17. What content should be included?

18. How to send it to the right media representatives?

19. How to communicate with the press?

20. How to make a first contact?

21. How to build a relationship with journalists?

22. How to communicate your story?

23. How to convince the press?

24. How to write press releases?

25. What is a press release?

26. How do you write a press release?

27. What content must be included?

28. How to send the press release?

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