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Now 4.5 Million Register Announcements Available

09/01/2020 | By: FDS

As of September 1st, 2020 there are more than German 4.5 million register announcements in our company database, which includes, among other things, announcements of all foundations and new registrations, change notifications regarding changes of name, change of managing director, increase of share capital, relocation of the company headquarters or changes of address, insolvencies as well as corrections and deletions ex officio.

Internal processes and self-learning routines ensure the data integrity, plausibility and topicality of the data and correct - by comparison with other data sources such as the official company websites - errors, from spelling mistakes to errors in content, which even the district courts keeping the register have missed or are missing.

Through our keyword-based assignment to industry and topic, we are able to automatically identify all new start-ups, e.g. in the Fintech or Legaltech sector, to track industry-specific developments, even regionally differentiated, and to carry out comprehensive analyses and rankings both in niches and at macro level.

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