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Data from the commercial register now available free of charge

08/05/2022 | By: FDS

On August 1, 2022, the German government implemented a European directive for better information exchange within the EU by bringing the Digitization Directive into force.

While it is in principle now possible for users of the common register portal to access data such as new registrations, notifications of changes and notifications of deletion free of charge and without registration, a closer look still reveals decisive disadvantages:

For one thing, the display of hits or search results per search query is limited to 100 results.

To locate, for example, all agencies or associations in a region or in a state, you would therefore have to make several search requests.

On the other hand, the number of search results per page is only 10 entries, which additionally means en extra effort when browsing or downloading documents. Also, no contact information can be added, nor is data such as web pages/URLs or email addresses included.

Our conclusion: in order to specifically retrieve individual commercial register excerpts, the aforementioned amendment represents good progress.

For address or direct marketing and lettershops, proprietary databases such as our Company Database 2022 continue to remain highly relevant due to the much wider range of functions. Due to the absence of the limitations described above, working with our system will save you valuable time and therefore money.

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Reaching decision-makers - We show you how to find and establish decision-maker contacts

07/22/2022 | By: FDS

You want to find potential customers and buyers for your products or services and need relevant contacts for this?

With our company database 2022 we make it easy for you to find potential corporate customers or suppliers among all 3 million German companies, to identify contact persons as well as decision makers in a time-saving way, in order to convince them of your offer in the next step. Thanks to integrated search functions for LinkedIn, Xing as well as Google, you save valuable time during research and store contact data centrally in one place for later export and contacting.

Generate more new leads for your sales team - with the 2022 Company Database, the sales, acquisition & marketing tool from Fischer | Data Science.

You can find all information about our 2022 company database at

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Databases - The smart alternative to email extractor tools

07/10/2022 | By: FDS

Nowadays, there are numerous online tools and utilities such as browser addons and extensions that suggest you can quickly and easily collect contact information from potential leads and customers (e.g. to reduce ad spending).

But this is too short-sighted. Even if email addresses and websites/URLs can be found with these tools: The main time investment, depositing and maintaining the acquired contact data of companies or firms and thus potential B2B customers, e.g. in an Excel spreadsheet or a Google Spreadsheet, remains.

Also, further characteristics that can be used for sorting and filtering the list of potential customers can only be recorded and entered manually with difficulty.

With our Company Database 2022 as well as our Media & PR Database 2022, we relieve you of a large part of this maintenance & research effort for company addresses and contact data. From now on, save precious time and concentrate on the essentials: Your business.

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The real reason why your marketing campaigns fail - and what you can do instead

07/07/2022 | By: FDS

Click prices between 3 and 7 euros for online advertising in the B2B sector quickly collapse all business plans and revenue expectations of startups & Gründer:innen. For all those who have not previously built a test balloon to check the current click prices in their niche, before deciding to develop or offer a product or service, this circumstance can mean a rude awakening later on.

The problem: In contrast to the end-customer business (B2C), providers in the business-to-business (B2B) sector are vying for far fewer active search queries and thus potential customers. Since every provider tries to direct a few of the few search queries of potential B2B customers to its own website in the first place, the PPC click prices for search engine advertising on Google Ads, for example, are correspondingly high.

Postal mailings represent an alternative for the acquisition of customers in the B2B area. Contrary to the prices in online marketing, this offline marketing method has a decisive advantage: calculable costs. Because: The price for printing and mailing the advertising letters, along with the acquisition costs for the marketing addresses, is already fixed in advance and can therefore be planned.

With our lettershop service, we can take over this task completely for you if you wish. From address selection to printing and dispatch. Inquire now and generate more leads!

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09/01/2021 | By: FDS

From November 2021, our new company directory, with daily updated and high-quality address data of companies from all 16 federal states in Germany, will be available for ordering in our store - also in an inexpensive bundle together with our media & PR database.

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