Foundations & Organizations 2022

Our algorithms catalog the web - so you don't have to do it.

The competition always in view: Better decisions through better data.

With over 18.9 million catalogued companies of all legal forms - of which 6.1 million in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - we operate one of the most comprehensive independent market intelligence databases in the world.

Every month, our database expands through proprietary se4rch algorithms (Crawler) by about half a million additional URLs, which are filtered, categorized and cataloged using a keyword list of over 30,000 terms.

The aim is to gain a constantly updated and maximum possible overview of all relevant websites, i.e. those linked from other places, and thus to achieve the best market overview of entire industries.

All web pages are related to each other, e.g. through mutual links, hierarchies, the linking level and the combination of different data sources, e.g. with Open Data, so that piece by piece a digital map of the relevance and number of visitors of each contained website is created - an important feature which can be used for prioritization, pre-selection and sorting of database entries, i.e. potential new customers.

Our organisations and company database includes the following types of companies:

  • GmbHs
  • Stock corporations / AGs
  • Enterprise companies (UGs haftungsbeschränkt)
  • Corporations under civil law (GbRs)
  • Associations
  • Foundations
  • Agencies
  • Registered merchants
  • OHGs, KGs & Ltds.
  • all start-ups, changes & insolvencies
incl. website URL, company address, state, registering district court, commercial register number, VAT ID no., business status, date of incorporation, business purpose

Minimize time expenditure, maximize benefit.

Forget manually maintained lists and directories.

The times in which only manually managed and maintained lists and tables belonged to the working tools of organizations and companies should be over once and for all - because the range of functions that a web-based database can offer is much higher and allows a more efficient and thus more cost-effective work with data.

For example, an automated check can be carried out regularly to determine whether hyperlinks and URLs still exist (link check), new links can be collected and other changes, such as address changes or insolvency, can be detected.

By combining our self-collected database with data from the official commercial register, we are able to individually enrich the data sets and, depending on the project requirements, to add further features as required.

The number of available characteristics, according to which the entries can be sorted, increases massively - an advantage that could not be achieved with manual work.

Due to our mature and high-performance crawling infrastructure, we are not reliant on third party data delivery and therefore always have full control over the data - from raw data to quality assured databases.

Discover. Networking. Profit.

Ready for takeoff?

With the organization database from Fischer | Data Science you will no longer miss any important organizations or multipliers, because with our data you take a bird's eye view and zoom in only where it makes sense.

Easily find new, relevant contacts through LinkedIn and Xing - we provide you with the structure and the system for this.

There are already more than 600,000 organizations in the database - of which more than 200,000 are from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - that you could not easily or not systematically discover by yourself via LinkedIn or Xing search (e.g. only CEOs or all persons with the job title "Marketing Manager" in company X or organization Y). Combined searches allow searching with several terms or job titles in addition to the company name in a single search query - for more relevant results at the push of a button.

Amongst other:

  • 35,000 Foundations
  • 34,000 Associations
  • 15.000 Museums

Save precious time, expand your network with important new contacts and initiate cooperations, contact requests or sales talks that you would otherwise have missed.

Lead generation for B2B new customer acquisition

Identification & management of potential customers and cooperation partners made easy - with the company database 2022 from Fischer | Data Science.

It is not easy to keep track in the jungle of address brokers or traders. Varying data volumes, data quality and topicality, sometimes unclear data origins and ultimately a wide price range make the search for a reliable provider difficult.

Especially for start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, the prices offered by competitors are often not affordable - a fact that we know from our own start-up experience.

Therefore it is important to us to support especially young companies and founders in making better decisions based on good data or to win new customers.

The company database currently contains around 600,000 organizations worldwide, i.e. public institutions and organizations such as cities, universities and colleges, associations, foundations, institutes etc.

In addition, a daily updated agency directory with several tens of thousands of entries (in addition to the more than 3 million active companies listed in the commercial register in Germany) is currently being built up automatically, based on the official data of the commercial register, among other things, and using machine learning (ML) methods and our crawlers.

Solo self-employed & freelancers (e.g. freelance coaches and consultants) receive a discounted access starting at 197,- EUR (cashback upon presentation of proof) for the acquisition of new customers in Corona times.

For interest and questions you can reach us here.