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Earn 1000 euros as a student? The best part-time jobs in the world

1d ago | By: FDS

Are you a student looking to make €1000? Check out these fantastic side jobs that not only provide financial support but also allow you to gain valuable skills. Here's a list of the best side jobs for students:

1. Online surveys: you can earn up to 10 euros per hour by completing online surveys.

2. Tutoring: with tutoring you can earn up to 20 euros per hour by helping others prepare for exams.

3. Tutoring: if you are good at a particular subject, you can earn up to 25 euros per hour as a tutor.

4. Freelance writing: Sell your writing skills to companies and earn up to 30 euros per hour.

5. Online shopping: if you like shopping, you can earn money with it too. You get a commission when someone buys a product you recommended.

6. Social media manager: as a social media manager, you can earn up to 40 euros per hour.

7. Mystery shopper: If you like shopping, you can work as a mystery shopper for companies and earn up to 50 euros per hour.

8. App developer: if you have app development skills, you can earn up to 60 euros per hour.

9. Online consultant: As an online consultant, you can earn up to 70 euros per hour by helping companies implement various projects.

10. SEO expert: SEO experts can earn up to 80 euros per hour by helping companies improve their search engine rankings.

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Work from anywhere - when and how often you want

5d ago | By: FDS

Working from anywhere means that an employee has the opportunity to do his or her work independently of a fixed workplace and a fixed work schedule. It means having the freedom to choose your own work environment and set your own work pace.

There are many different ways to work from anywhere. Some of them are:

1. Remote work: this means that an employee works from home or at another location that is not the company's physical workplace.

2. Flexible work schedules: This means that an employee has the option to do their work whenever it is most convenient for them.

3. Freelance work: this means that an employee can do his or her work via the Internet or other digital platforms without having a fixed workplace.

In terms of frequency and timing, when and how often an employee can work depends on the company and its policies. Some companies offer flexible hours and allow employees to do their work whenever they want. Other companies have stricter policies and expect their employees to work certain hours.

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How do I write a good press release?

14d ago | By: FDS

1. Start with a meaningful title.

2. Give a brief summary of the topic, including the place and time.

3. Explain the details of the event.

4. Include relevant details such as important people, companies, products, etc.

5. Mention the value of the event to the public.

6. Include contact information if more information is needed.

7. Include a quotable quote from an expert or important person.

8. Conclude the message with a closing statement.

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Lead sources in B2B - where to get your next customers

29d ago | By: FDS

1. Social media channels

2. Search engine marketing

3. E-mail marketing

4. Direct marketing

5. Online advertising

6. Content marketing

7. Telemarketing

8. Trade fairs and events

9. Networks and contacts

10. Competing companies

11. Directories and yellow pages

12. Presentations

13. Customer recommendations

14. Offers to potential customers

15. Media coverage

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Successful in Google News: How companies become publishers and increase their media presence

01/16/2024 | By: FDS

In the digital era, visibility is crucial, especially for companies that want to communicate their messages and information to a wide audience. A prime way to achieve this is through inclusion in Google News. In this article, you will learn how companies can become publishers and place their press releases and blog posts in this prominent news platform.

The online presence of companies has evolved from static websites to dynamic content that offers added value to users. Google News is one of the leading platforms where users can find the latest news and information from a variety of sources. Here's how companies can make the move to becoming a publisher:

1. Create high quality and relevant content:

Before businesses are included in Google News, it is crucial to produce high-quality and relevant content. This includes not only press releases, but also well-researched blog posts and articles on industry-specific topics. Valuable content not only attracts readers, but also increases the chances of being accepted by Google News as a trusted source.

2. Building a professional website:

A company's own website is its figurehead. A professional design, easy navigation and fast loading times are crucial to retaining users and gaining recognition from Google News.

3. Integration of news and blog sections:

To appear as a publisher, companies should create separate sections for news and blog posts on their website. This not only makes it easier for users to find relevant content, but also allows Google News to index these specific sections.

4. Implement structured data:

Structured data helps search engines better understand the content of a website. Companies should ensure that they use structured data in accordance with Google guidelines to increase the chances of being displayed in Google News.

5. Register in the Google Publisher Center:

Google Publisher Center is the gateway to publishing content in Google News. This is where companies can register their website, manage their content and provide relevant information.

6. Compliance with the quality guidelines:

Google News places great importance on the quality and credibility of the content it publishes. Companies must ensure that their content is free of misleading information, misinformation and questionable content in order to be and remain included in Google News.

7. Continuous updating:

Keeping content current is critical. Regular updates of news and blog posts not only show engagement, but also increase the likelihood of appearing in Google News headlines.

Inclusion in Google News as a business can significantly increase reach and visibility. With quality content, a professional website and adherence to guidelines, businesses can solidify their presence on this major news platform and reach a wider audience.

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