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08/17/2022 | By: FDS

As already reported in the message of 05.08.2022, there was a change in the legal situation for the provision of commercial register notifications. However, the actually welcome amendment for more transparency now turns out to be completely different than anticipated:

From August 1, 2022 - thanks to a completely unusable user interface (UI) and session-based data provision with a severely limited number of queries - no more changes in the commercial register change notifications can be processed automatically, i.e. no more updating of data or reconciliation with our company database can take place, as this is simply no longer technically possible. In addition, there is no longer any information available about newly founded companies or new registrations, i.e. newly founded companies.

This means that the Bundesanzeiger Verlag (DuMont Publishing Group, Cologne), which was privatized in 2006, now has a monopoly position over access to company information (provided or to be provided free of charge by the companies) and will be able to sell it even more expensively in the future than before.

The goal of our company database has always been to reduce unnecessary costs and, with better market information, to create added value not only for individual companies but also for the market and thus society as a whole.

Pursuing this mission is no longer possible due to the new gatekeeper function of the new monopolist.

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