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Maintaining press contacts: the key to successful PR work

09/22/2023 | By: FDS

Maintaining press contacts is essential for PR professionals. A robust and well-maintained list of journalists, editors and media representatives is crucial to successfully spreading your company or organization's messages. But how do you maintain these contacts effectively? In this article we give you valuable insights and tips on how you can optimally design and use your press contacts.

1. Build trust

Trust is the be-all and end-all in press work. Start building trust by always behaving professionally and reliably. Fulfill your promises and keep commitments. Journalists value contacts they can rely on.

2. Provide relevant information

Make sure you understand the needs and interests of your press contacts. Only send them relevant information that fits their specific topics. A personalized approach is crucial here. Mass sending of messages should be avoided.

3. Maintaining the relationship

Continuous communication is the key to maintaining relationships. Maintain regular contact without being too intrusive. An occasional friendly email, quick phone call, or meeting to exchange ideas can work wonders.

4. Respect editorial integrity

Journalists have an ethical responsibility towards their readers. Respect their editorial integrity and accept if a story is not published. Avoid applying pressure or demanding positive coverage as this can significantly impact your credibility.

5. Provide background information

Make the work of your press contacts easier by providing background information, fact sheets and high-quality images. Journalists appreciate being able to rely on reliable sources to illustrate their stories.

6. Organize events and meetings

Organize occasional events or press conferences to give your press contacts the opportunity to get to know you and your company personally. This not only strengthens the bond, but also enables a direct exchange of information.

7. Use social media

Use social media to stay in touch. Follow journalists on platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn, comment on their posts and share relevant information. This can help deepen the relationship online too.

8. Get feedback

Ask your press contacts for feedback. Ask about their needs and how you can improve collaboration. Show that you are open to constructive criticism and are always striving to improve.

Maintaining press contacts requires time and attention, but pays off in the form of positive reporting and strong media presence. By building trust, providing relevant information and maintaining open communication, you can successfully manage your press contacts and achieve your PR goals more effectively.

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