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Job hunting in times of challenge: Why IT freelancers in Germany are struggling with inflation, recession and rising demands

08/23/2023 | By: FDS

For IT freelancers, finding a job in Germany is currently difficult. A combination of inflation, economic recession and ever-increasing demands from clients are presenting more and more IT freelancers with challenges. In this situation, even experienced IT professionals face unfamiliar obstacles and have to deal with the stability and future of freelance work in the IT field.

1. Inflation and uncertainty:

Inflation of 6.2% in Germany, caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine, has far-reaching economic effects. For IT freelancers in particular, this means the need to offer their services at prices that reflect the increased costs. The general uncertainty about future developments means that companies act more cautiously and projects are awarded more hesitantly.

2. Recession at home:

Germany is already in an economic recession for the third quarter in a row, which caused the gross domestic product to shrink by 0.3%. The reluctance of companies when it comes to new projects and investments has a direct impact on the demand for IT freelancers. With shrinking project budgets, outside experts are often the first to be crossed off the list, leading to a noticeable slump in orders.

3. Increasing demands from clients:

The demands of clients have skyrocketed in recent years - a development that poses particular challenges for IT freelancers. The expectation of the "perfect solution" is increasing, which raises the hurdle for many freelancers. Those who do not meet all the required criteria have a harder time acquiring orders.

4. Challenges for startups:

The once-bubbly startup scene faces its own difficulties. The bursting of the startup bubble and difficulties in raising or follow-up funding are impacting the availability of projects once offered by burgeoning startups.

5. The Impact of Rising Interest Rates:

Increasing interest rates have created a domino effect. Companies are more reluctant to make investment decisions, which is hampering demand for IT projects. At the same time, startups are also affected by this development, as financing options are narrowing.

In this demanding phase, flexibility is of the utmost importance for IT freelancers. The ability to adapt to changing market conditions, close cooperation with clients and the targeted search for niche markets could offer ways of asserting oneself in this challenging economic situation. Continuous training and the willingness to rethink existing business models are indispensable. The freelancer community is entering a period of change where adaptability and the spirit of innovation are more important than ever.

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