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07/18/2022 | By: FDS
Our Media & PR Database 2022 now includes more than 16,000 entries in the DACH region. Newly added with the latest update are also the additional media types "Forums / Communities", "Online Portals" and "Podcasts", which can now be gradually filled with additional media.

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06/25/2022 | By: FDS

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to acquire current editorial addresses for your press releases? Our Media & PR Database 2022 is the inexpensive alternative to expensive PR software in German-speaking countries to quickly get a comprehensive overview of the media landscape. Forget weeks of research and benefit from a constantly expanding coverage and data.

Included media outlets in total: 15,982 media in DACH (thereof 12,202 in Germany) with the following types:

- 326 Blog, thereof 305 in Germany

- 242 Forum / Community, thereof 214 in Germany

- 5,291 Scientific Journal, thereof 3,840 in Germany

- 5,344 Magazine, thereof 4,066 in Germany

- 1,849 Newspaper / Online Newspaper, thereof 1,472 in Germany

- 80 Podcast, thereof 59 in Germany

- 44 News Agency / Press Portal, thereof 36 in Germany

- 1,784 Publisher, thereof 1,427 in Germany

- 599 Radio Station, thereof 447 in Germany

- 242 TV Station, thereof 174 in Germany

- 181 Web Portal, thereof 162 in Germany

In addition, direct links to the media data are already included for over 3,500 media.

We currently offer access to editorial data starting at €379. You can find all information on scope and functions of our Media- & PR Database 2022 can be found here.

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06/23/2022 | By: FDS

We have expanded our range of services to include PR & public relations and web design & graphics:

In cooperation we now offer services in the field of PR & public relations, such as PR consulting, press and media relations, corporate communications, editing, final editing, proofreading, content produktion & text production.

From the analysis of the actual situation to the development of individual communication strategies and concepts including the planning and realization of communication measures to the establishment, mediation and maintenance of contacts, we help you to achieve more visibility and reach.

In the area of graphic & web design you can benefit from the talent and expertise of experienced web designers and graphic artists - whether it is web design of a corporate website, a website relaunch, web development based on our self-developed content management system or CMS such as Typo3, WordPress, jimdo, joomla, etc.. Our experts are also available for the production of infographics and logo design.

You need high-quality press photos, company photos or aerial photos, e.g. of your company headquarters?

In cooperation with nationwide partners, we offer you in the future, in addition to drone shots, the production of explanatory films, image films and the production & editing of web videos, e.g. for YouTube or employee or applicant recruitment funnels.

Inquire now!

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05/20/2022 | By: FDS

As of May, our research database already includes over 17 million websites/URLs in all industries, among which we can identify suitable companies, suppliers or potential customers for you, even if they are not listed in the commercial register.

Our total URL inventory currently includes, for example, 90,000 medical, physio and other types of practices, 77,000 companies in the real estate industry, 56,000 trainers & training providers, 52,000 coaches & coaching providers, 52,000 consultancies, 34. 000 tax consultants, 30.000 pharmacies, 18.000 Kanzleien and attorneys, approximately 15.000 agencies of all kinds, 13.000 publishers, 12.000 management consultations, 11.000 foundations, 7.000 care services, 7.000 publishing houses, 7.000 portals, 4.000 federations u.v.m. contain.

By the end of the year, our domain pool will contain around 20 million websites. In addition, it is planned to expand the focus from the DACH region to the rest of Europe and the EU, respectively, in order to be able to process individual inquiries even better. In the medium term, the total portfolio will comprise around 200 million web pages.

No matter what you are looking for where: We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer for a custom data-compilation, e.g. the 1,000 most important companies by topic or in industry X or all websites on topic Y by visitor rank/web ranking/social media follower count, etc. Request now!

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04/14/2022 | By: FDS

In the Media & PR Database DACH, the number of entries included has expanded since the last update to more than 15,000 media/editorial offices.

Furthermore, we created the additional types/categories "Blogs", "Podcasts" and "Online Portals" in our database, which are now being filled piece by piece.

The number of tags/topics included also expanded: you can now choose from over 700 terms or topics and find suitable media.

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