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Studying Journalism: Student Aspirations and Reality

04/15/2024 | By: FDS

Studying journalism is an aspirational goal for many prospective journalists. However, while some students are drawn to the idea of an exciting career in journalism, the reality of studying journalism can often be more complex. Let's take a look at both student aspirations and the reality of studying journalism:

Student Aspirations

Many students who choose to study journalism do so out of a strong interest in news, storytelling, and public discourse. They aim to acquire the skills to research, write, and present stories that inform and influence people. They may envision themselves as future reporters, editors, anchors, or producers.


Studying journalism can be a challenging journey that extends far beyond writing newspaper articles or anchoring news broadcasts. Students must become familiar with a variety of skills, including research, interviewing, news production, media ethics, and legal frameworks. They also face the challenges of a constantly evolving media landscape, which brings new technologies and platforms for news dissemination.

In addition to the theoretical and practical aspects of studying journalism, students often have to complete internships to gain hands-on experience in the industry. This may involve working at newspapers, television stations, online media outlets, or radio stations, providing valuable insights into the working world of journalism.


Studying journalism offers students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of journalism and gain practical experience in the field. While the reality of the program may come with challenges and demands, it also offers the chance to develop skills and build relationships essential for a successful career in journalism. For students passionate about the news industry, studying journalism can be an exciting and rewarding path.

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