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Salary report: Income of product photographers in Germany in 2024

01/30/2024 | By: FDS

Product photographers play a crucial role in the visual marketing of products. Their work significantly influences the perception of brands and the success of sales efforts. But what will the income of product photographers in Germany look like in 2024? A detailed look at the current situation provides insights into remuneration practices in this special professional field.

The role of product photographers

Product photographers specialize in showcasing products in an appealing way. From e-commerce platforms to print media and social media campaigns, their images provide potential customers with a first visual impression.

Remuneration range in Germany in 2024

Remuneration for product photographers in Germany in 2024 will vary depending on various factors. Income can vary greatly depending on experience, the type of products, the size of the company and the scope of services.

Fees per assignment and product

Product photographers often charge their fees per assignment or per product series. In Germany, fees typically range from €200 to several thousand euros, depending on the complexity of the photos and the intended use of the images.

Specialization and additional services

Some product photographers specialize in certain product categories, be it fashion, electronics, food or jewelry. Offering additional services such as image editing, retouching or creative staging can increase income.

Technical equipment and studio costs

Providing high-quality product images requires appropriate technical equipment, including professional cameras, lighting equipment and backgrounds. The cost of a photo studio should also be considered.

Working with companies and agencies

Cooperation with companies, marketing agencies and e-commerce platforms influences the order situation. Stable partnerships can lead to regular orders and increase the photographer's profile.

Marketing and online presence

Self-marketing is crucial for success as a product photographer. A professional website, a convincing portfolio and the use of social media platforms can help to increase reach and attract potential customers.

Flexibility and adaptability

Product photography often requires flexibility as projects are tied to different requirements and schedules. The ability to adapt quickly to different products and styles is an advantage.

Recommendations and customer satisfaction

Recommendations from satisfied customers and positive reviews are crucial to the success of product photographers. The ability to highlight the uniqueness of products and deliver high-quality images contributes to customer satisfaction.


The income of product photographers in Germany in 2024 offers a wide range of opportunities. With the growing importance of visual marketing and online sales platforms, the demand for high-quality product images remains high. Product photographers with a mix of creativity, technical skills and entrepreneurial thinking can succeed in this dynamic professional field.

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