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Salary report: Income of market researchers in Germany in 2024

01/25/2024 | By: FDS

Market researchers play a central role in the economy by helping companies to understand the market, identify trends and make strategic decisions. But what will the income of market researchers in Germany look like in 2024? A closer look at the current situation provides insights into the financial reality of these experts.

The role of market researchers

Market researchers analyze data, collect information and conduct studies to gain insights about consumers, markets and competitors. Their work is crucial for the development of effective marketing and business strategies

Remuneration range in Germany in 2024

The income of market researchers varies depending on qualifications, experience, company size and industry. However, there are certain trends and averages that provide an insight into remuneration practices

Income factors

Qualifications and experience: Advanced qualifications such as a master's or doctoral degree and several years of professional experience can have a positive impact on salary

Company size: Larger market research companies or companies in highly competitive industries tend to offer higher salaries.

Industry: The industry in which the market research is conducted influences the income. Specialized or high-growth industries can offer higher salaries.

Income components

The income of market researchers is made up of various components:

Base salary: The base salary forms the largest part of remuneration and is based on qualifications and experience.

Bonuses: Performance-related bonuses may be awarded based on successful projects or targets.

Additional benefits: These may include benefits such as company cars, company pension schemes or flexible working models.

Challenges in the area of market research

Data quality and interpretation: Obtaining high-quality data and interpreting it in a meaningful way often presents challenges.

Rapid technological change: The rapid development of technologies influences the way market researchers work and requires continuous training.

Market demand and trends

The demand for market research services remains high, especially in the age of digital transformation. Trends such as artificial intelligence and data-based decision-making are influencing the work of market researchers.


The income of market researchers in Germany in 2024 reflects the importance of their work for the company's development. Solid qualifications, experience and specialization are key factors for an attractive salary. Continuous adaptation to technological developments and a high level of data literacy are also crucial for success in this professional field.

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