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Direct Marketing

06/16/2022 | By: FDS
Direct marketing is a form of marketing in which communication is made directly with potential customers. It can be done through various types of advertising such as emails, phone calls, direct mail, direct mail, catalogs, and text messages. It usually involves following up with potential customers and providing personalized experiences to increase customer loyalty and sales.
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Win new customers

06/14/2022 | By: FDS

Many founders and businesses struggle to regularly attract new customers to your offering. Have the following points in mind to develop the right new customer acquisition strategy:

1. Create an attractive and appealing offer.

2. Build a network and use social media to promote your business.

3. Create a rewards program to reward the loyalty of your existing customers.

4. Offer free or low-cost trials of your products or services.

5. Create an engaging email marketing campaign.

6. Run sweepstakes and contests.

7. Use affiliate marketing to spread your offer to new customers.

8. Offer discounts to customers to encourage them to buy.

9.Build a testimonial program to spread the word about your business.

10. Develop a strong online presence to make your business more visible.

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What is Marketing?

06/13/2022 | By: FDS
Marketing is a process that enables companies to market their products or services to customers by creating a brand that advertises them, improves their image, and increases sales. It involves analyzing customer needs, developing products and services, creating marketing strategies, and implementing promotional activities. Marketing is an important part of the business process as it helps to increase sales and attract new customers.
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What are the biggest mistakes in business succession?

06/06/2022 | By: FDS

1. Lack of planning: if no clear and detailed planning is drawn up for the handover of the company to the next generation, ambiguities and conflicts may arise.

2. No communication: if there is no open communication between the generations, the necessary changes cannot be implemented and there is a risk that important decisions will not be made.

3. False expectations: If the older generation has false expectations about the capabilities and commitment of the next generation, disappointment and poor decisions may result.

4. Insufficient financing: if the financing for the business succession has not been carefully planned and prepared, the business cannot be successfully handed over.

5. Unclear business goals: If the goals of the business are not clearly defined, the next generation may not know which direction to take the business.

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What are the biggest mistakes when buying / acquiring a company?

06/05/2022 | By: FDS

1. Insufficient due diligence: the company analysis before the purchase is one of the most important elements in the acquisition. Without thorough due diligence, unforeseen risks and liabilities may go undetected.

2. Insufficient insight into financing: In order to execute a successful acquisition, companies must carefully review financing risks. This includes a review of capital requirements, funding sources and use of funds.

3. Unclear understanding of the target company's culture: when a company acquires another, it needs to understand what the company's culture is and how it can be integrated into its own business.

4. Unclear goals: A successful business acquisition requires clear goals and a successful plan to achieve those goals. Without a clear understanding of the goals and the strategy to achieve them, it is difficult to successfully implement the acquisition.

5. Inadequate legal advice: a company should always hire a qualified lawyer to ensure that all legal principles are followed correctly.

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