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Geology Today is a publication of the Geological Society of London and the Geologists' Association. It is published bi-monthly, with each issue containing eight or more articles, and an annual total of 240 pages. One of the goals of the journal is to provide a balance of news and review articles of topics of current interest in the earth sciences, written in an accessible way by leading experts in the field. Geology Today provides reading material for all earth scientists, both amateur and professional, and includes: Articles and Features review topics of current interest in the Earth Sciences - written for the general reader by experts in the field.News and Briefing columns report on news from the geological community, recent research that has appeared in the specialist journals, geological happenings and discoveries and geological conferences.Fossils Explained and Minerals Explained are two regular series looking at the origins, classification and identification of fossils and minerals.Building Stones Explained is a new series introducing the most common stones used in the Industry.A lively Correspondence section allows readers to air and share their views and to respond to items appearing in the journal. ()

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