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The Gazette van Detroit ("Gazette of Detroit") was a Flemish newspaper in Dutch and English, published in the United States since 13 August 1914. It was aimed at Flemish immigrants and their descendants living in the United States and Canada, but latterly also some subscribers in Europe. Its parent company was a 501(c)(3) U.S. Internal Revenue Service recognized non-profit called Belgian Publishing Inc. Its final chairman was David Baeckelandt. The newspaper was published by "Belgian Publishing Inc." at 18740 13 Mile Road in Roseville, Michigan. The Gazette van Detroit first appeared as a weekly newspaper, later it became bi-weekly, and finally monthly. It had become an online-only paper before its ultimate demise. It was the longest lasting Belgian American newspaper, outlasting the Gazette van Moline at Moline, Illinois (1907–40). The newspaper's original mission statement, published in an article entitled "The Light for the People" (Het Licht voor 't Volk) set forward the newspaper's aim: "The Gazette van Detroit is an unaffiliated, apolitical, non-profit organization written by and for North Americans of Flemish descent and Dutch-speaking Belgians. Its goal is to serve as a cultural bridge between North America and the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium. Simultaneously, th... ()

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