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Gazeta Lwowska (English: Lviv Gazette) is a Polish language biweekly magazine, published since 24 December 1990 in Lviv (also known as Lwów, Lvov, etc.), Ukraine. The publication refers to the traditions of a Polish language paper Gazeta Lwowska, which was published between 1811 and 1944 and as such was one of the oldest Polish newspapers. Originally, Gazeta Lwowska was a press organ of the Austrian authorities of Galicia and it limited itself to publishing legal announcements. In 1873, when Władysław Łoziński became editor-in-chief, it began inserting local and world news, and since 1874, it published a monthly addition Przewodnik Naukowy i Literacki (Scientific and Literary Guide), dedicated to history, literature, geography, economics and ethnography. Among writers who cooperated with Gazeta Lwowska, there were Adam Krechowiecki, Ludwik Kubala, Karol Szajnocha, Józef Szujski, Alfred Wysocki. After 1918, when Lemberg was incorporated into the Second Polish Republic, Gazeta Lwowska was a local daily, popular in the Lwów Voivodeship. Following the joint Nazi and Soviet annexation of Poland, the newspaper stopped publication. It re-established publication briefly from July 1941 to July 1944 during the period of German occupation as vehicle for Nazi propaganda. During Ger... ()

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