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How to take your public relations to the next level

01/29/2024 | By: FDS

1. Invest in social media: Social media is an essential part of your public relations. Create quality content and make sure it is updated regularly.

2. Write guest posts: Guest posts are a great way to reach new audiences. Find relevant blogs and offer your expertise to write a post.

3. Email marketing: email marketing is an effective way to spread your message and reach an audience. Create high-quality emails that contain important information and send them regularly.

4. Use influencer marketing: influencer marketing can be a great way to reach new audiences. Find relevant influencers in your industry and offer them a partnership.

5. Host events: events are a great way to showcase your brand and make a personal connection with your customers. Find an appropriate event type and plan an event that fits your brand.

6. Be active: Be active in the public eye. Write articles for trade publications, speak at conferences and events, and participate in discussions on social media. This will help you get noticed and make a positive impression.

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Build your own affiliate program for profitable collaborations & partnerships - We show how

12/05/2023 | By: FDS

1. Define target audience:

Before you set up an affiliate program, you need to define the audience you want to target. Create a profile of your ideal affiliates by capturing their interests, experience, and goals. This way, you can ensure that you are targeting the right audience with your campaigns and that your program is as successful as possible.

2. Select vendors:

Once you have defined your target audience, you need to select a provider for the affiliate program. There are several platforms you can use to manage your program. Choose one that offers you the features you need.

3. Set commissions:

Set the commissions for your affiliate program. This will vary depending on the product and industry. Remember that commissions need to be attractive to your affiliates to get them to join your program.

4. Set guidelines:

Define guidelines for your affiliate program, such as which promotional techniques are allowed and which are not. This will protect you and your affiliates from undesirable behavior and results.

5. Launch marketing:

Once you have your program set up, you can start marketing. Create campaigns to find potential partners and encourage them to join your program.

6. Build partnerships:

Once you have found partners, make an effort to build and maintain those relationships. Communicate regularly with your partners and encourage them to participate in your campaigns.

7. Measure success:

Measure the success of your affiliate program. Regularly review the results to see if your campaigns are working as expected and if your affiliates are satisfied. This way you can optimize your program and ensure that it is successful.

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Free Press Release & Press Relations Guide

11/03/2023 | By: FDS

We have summarized the most important tips and tricks for successful press work in 2022 for you in a free guide "Successful Press & Public Relations 2022" and will be happy to send it to you by e-mail on request. Simply request it now using our contact form.

Press Release & Press Relations Guide


Press releases and press relations are an important part of any successful marketing campaign, whether it’s for a product, service, or organization. Press releases can be used to generate media coverage and attract attention to your business. Press relations can help you develop relationships with media outlets and build a positive public image.

This guide will provide an overview of press releases and press relations, as well as some tips for getting the most out of your efforts.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a document containing newsworthy information about an organization, product, or service. It is typically distributed to media outlets and journalists for the purpose of generating publicity.

Press releases can be used to announce a new product or service, announce a change in executive leadership, announce a new partnership, or even announce a special event.

Press releases should be written in a clear, concise, and professional manner. They should be fact-based and include all relevant information in an easy-to-read format. The press release should also include contact information for the organization or individual issuing the release.

What is Press Relations?

Press relations is the process of developing relationships with media

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What should be considered when starting a business?

06/21/2023 | By: FDS

There is a lot to consider when starting a business. Here are some important points:

Business idea and market research:

A good business idea and a thorough market analysis are the first steps to starting a successful business. It is important to ensure that there is a demand for your product or service and that you have a meaningful strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Business Plan: A well-thought-out business plan is essential to attracting investors, obtaining loans, and keeping your business strategy on track. A business plan should include a summary of your business idea, market analysis, finances, marketing and sales strategies, and your goals and plans for the future.

Business Plan.

Legal Form: The choice of legal form in which you start your business will affect your liability, tax obligations and other legal matters. There are several options, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, or corporations.


Finance: Solid financing is critical to the success of your business. You need to carefully calculate how much start-up capital you will need, what your ongoing costs will be, and how you can make your business profitable. You should also develop an accounting and tax strategy.

Permits and licenses: Depending on your business and legal form, you may need permits and licenses to operate legally. These can vary widely by location and industry, so it's important to do your research in advance.

Permits and Licenses.

Personnel: If you are looking to hire employees, you will need to learn about labor laws, social security, insurance, and other legal issues. You should also develop an application process and create clear job descriptions and employment contracts.


Marketing and sales: to attract customers and make your company known, you need a strong marketing and sales strategy. Here you should consider which target group you want to address, which channels are best suited for this and how you can stand out from the competition.

Marketing and Sales: To attract customers and make your company known, you need a strong marketing and sales strategy.

There are many more aspects to consider when starting a business, but these seven points should give you a good overview. It's important to do your research thoroughly and, if necessary, seek professional help from tax advisors, lawyers or business consultants to maximize your chances of success.

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Online Marketing - Everything you need to know

03/03/2023 | By: FDS

In today's digital world, online marketing is an essential part of success for businesses of all sizes and industries. Online marketing includes all measures that help to advertise, sell and market products or services on the Internet. Here are the most important aspects of online marketing that you as a company should know:

Website Optimization: A well-optimized website is the cornerstone of a successful online presence. The website should have a clear structure and navigation, be mobile-friendly, and contain important keywords that align with the target audience and the company's services or products.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO refers to optimizing content to make it visible to search engines like Google or Bing. A good SEO strategy can help your website rank higher on search results pages, which can lead to more traffic and potential customers.

Content Marketing: This involves creating quality content such as blog posts, e-books, videos, and infographics that engage the target audience and provide them with useful information. By sharing content on social media or other platforms, businesses can increase their visibility and expand their audience.

Social media marketing: Social media offers companies the opportunity to interact directly with their target group and to inform them about news, products and offers. Choosing the right platforms and having a consistent presence can help increase engagement and build customer relationships.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): SEM refers to paid advertising on search engines like Google AdWords. By placing ads on the search results pages, businesses can instantly drive more traffic to their website and engage potential customers.

Email Marketing: Sending emails to subscribed recipients can help increase awareness of products and services and build customer loyalty. It's important to send relevant and personalized content and to make sure the emails are readable on all devices.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a company and an affiliate who promotes the company's product or service and receives a commission for doing so. By working with affiliates, businesses can increase their reach and product sales.

These seven aspects of online marketing are just a fraction of what businesses can do to improve their online presence and attract more customers. It is important to develop a strategic and consistent marketing strategy that is aligned with the goals and needs of the company and the target audience.

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