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Lead sources in B2B - where to get your next customers

29d ago | By: FDS

1. Social media channels

2. Search engine marketing

3. E-mail marketing

4. Direct marketing

5. Online advertising

6. Content marketing

7. Telemarketing

8. Trade fairs and events

9. Networks and contacts

10. Competing companies

11. Directories and yellow pages

12. Presentations

13. Customer recommendations

14. Offers to potential customers

15. Media coverage

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Distribution tool or send it yourself? How to get your message into the press

01/10/2024 | By: FDS

How you get your message out to the press depends entirely on your goals and resources. If you are willing to invest time and money in a professional press release, you could hire a press distribution company to send your press release to relevant media outlets. This is a great way to increase the visibility of your message.

Alternatively, you can send out your press release yourself. This will help you save costs, but it may take longer to get your message to the right media. First, you will need to research the contact information of the relevant media and then send your press release to them via email or regular mail.

A combination of both can also be a good option. You can first try sending your press release yourself and then forward it to a press distribution company if you want more coverage.

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Higher credibility through media presence - Why trust is the decisive success factor

12/22/2023 | By: FDS

Trust is a critical factor in the success of any brand. It enables companies to attract and retain customers, increase sales, and enhance their reputation. In today's digital world, however, a company's credibility and reliability is harder to achieve than ever before. Fortunately, businesses can increase their credibility through a strong media presence.

A strong media presence means that companies have a regular presence in various media channels, including print, television, radio and online media. This gives companies the opportunity to market their brand and communicate their messages to a wider audience. In addition, a strong media presence is seen as proof that a company is a trusted partner.

In addition, a strong media presence can help a company increase its credibility. Media coverage can help build customer confidence in a company and increase name recognition. A company that is regularly featured in the media is seen as more trustworthy than a company that rarely appears in the media.

Finally, a strong media presence can help build customers' trust in a company. When customers see a company regularly in the media, it is a sign that the company is doing well in the marketplace. It shows that it goes out of its way to satisfy customers, and that it is a trustworthy brand to support and recommend.

Overall, it's obvious that a strong media presence is an important factor in a company's success. It is an important way to build customer trust in a company and increase the company's credibility. Through a strong media presence, companies can raise their profile, attract more customers and ultimately increase their sales.

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Find contact details of journalists easily - our tutorial shows you how

12/19/2023 | By: FDS

1. Use Google or other search engines to search for journalist:s contact details. Simply type "journalist contact information" in the search bar and click on the search results.

2. Browse trade journals, blogs and forums for journalist:in and look at author profiles. Often these contain profile information such as email addresses, Twitter accounts and other contact information.

3. Use social media to connect with journalist:ins. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are especially helpful for finding contact information.

4. Also look at contact pages on websites of newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television stations. You can often find contact forms, email addresses and phone numbers on these pages.

5. Contact journalists' associations in your area to find out who is responsible for what type of coverage. Many associations also provide a list of contact information for their members.

6. Activate Google Alerts to receive notifications when new content is published about specific journalists. This can help you find out who is responsible for certain topics.

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Free Press Release & Press Relations Guide

11/03/2023 | By: FDS

We have summarized the most important tips and tricks for successful press work in 2022 for you in a free guide "Successful Press & Public Relations 2022" and will be happy to send it to you by e-mail on request. Simply request it now using our contact form.

Press Release & Press Relations Guide


Press releases and press relations are an important part of any successful marketing campaign, whether it’s for a product, service, or organization. Press releases can be used to generate media coverage and attract attention to your business. Press relations can help you develop relationships with media outlets and build a positive public image.

This guide will provide an overview of press releases and press relations, as well as some tips for getting the most out of your efforts.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a document containing newsworthy information about an organization, product, or service. It is typically distributed to media outlets and journalists for the purpose of generating publicity.

Press releases can be used to announce a new product or service, announce a change in executive leadership, announce a new partnership, or even announce a special event.

Press releases should be written in a clear, concise, and professional manner. They should be fact-based and include all relevant information in an easy-to-read format. The press release should also include contact information for the organization or individual issuing the release.

What is Press Relations?

Press relations is the process of developing relationships with media

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