Gamut: The Journal of the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic

Gamut (ISSN 1938-6990) is a peer-reviewed academic journal specializing in music theory and analysis. It is a fully online journal, sponsored by the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic and published by Newfound Press, a digital imprint of the University of Tennessee Libraries. Gamut publishes studies on any topic of interest to the music-theory community. Gamut published its first issue in 2008, under the editorship of Philip Ewell. Since 2009, it has been edited by David Carson Berry. In addition to a regular array of articles and reviews, it has also published other features of note, including a five-article forum on "Ethnic Diversity in Music Theory," and a serialized Festschrift titled "A Music-Theoretical Matrix: Essays in Honor of Allen Forte," for the prominent music theorist long based at Yale University. In some sense, this journal was a relaunch of Gamut: Journal of the Georgia Association of Music Theorists, which published its last issue in 2001. As the editor of the current journal proclaimed in its first issue (2008): "Once the journal of the now disbanded Georgia Association of Music Theorists (GAMUT), Gamut came under the auspices of MTSMA in 2005 at the suggestion of Kristin Wendland, that journal's founding editor [sic]. Shortly thereafter, the Publicati... ()

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