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Here we will inform you about all news and updates concerning our database, our products, current customer projects and services. Stay tuned.

May 15, 2021: Nearly 10,000 media in our Media & PR Database DACH

To make our offering even more attractive, we have added several hundred more media outlets to our Media & PR Database. The total number of media included is now approaching 10,000 entries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone.

As of 5/15/21, current contact information is thus available for

  • 1,799 newspapers
  • 7,379 magazines, periodicals and journals

  • 491 radio stations

  • 202 television stations

    in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to which you can send your press releases.

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    January 15, 2021: Over 2,000 Magazines & Periodicals Added

    After adding over 2,000 magazines & journals in German-speaking countries, our Media & PR database now includes a total of over 4,800 media in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They are now available for all customers under the type "newspaper / magazine".

    Until 31.01.21, the introductory price of 274, - € (net) for the 12-month data access to our database including free updates during the license period.

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    September 1, 2020: Now 4.5 million register announcements available

    As of September 1st, 2020 there are more than German 4.5 million register announcements in our company database, which includes, among other things, announcements of all foundations and new registrations, change notifications regarding changes of name, change of managing director, increase of share capital, relocation of the company headquarters or changes of address, insolvencies as well as corrections and deletions ex officio.

    Internal processes and self-learning routines ensure the data integrity, plausibility and topicality of the data and correct - by comparison with other data sources such as the official company websites - errors, from spelling mistakes to errors in content, which even the district courts keeping the register have missed or are missing.

    Through our keyword-based assignment to industry and topic, we are able to automatically identify all new start-ups, e.g. in the Fintech or Legaltech sector, to track industry-specific developments, even regionally differentiated, and to carry out comprehensive analyses and rankings both in niches and at macro level.

    All information about our company databases can be found at:

    August 1st 2020: Company database Germany soon available in the shop

    The company database of Fischer | Data Science exceeds the mark of 2 million contained companies from the official commercial register. Up to now, company data from 12 of the 16 federal states are available with features such as company name, legal form, address, name of the management and much more and will soon be available in the shop, both as a Germany-wide overall database and per federal state.

    July 1st 2020: Updated Database Germany, Austria, Switzerland

    The media & PR database DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) now contains more contact details for 1,679 editorial offices and thus offers the greatest coverage on the market. Further information on the media types included can be found at

    June 5th 2020: Launch of the European media database imminent

    In addition to the existing PR & media database for the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland; short: DACH), our European database will soon be launched as a further product. Especially for companies operating within the European framework or within the EU single market, the larger database of around 6,500 media from the areas of print & online newspapers, radio stations and TV stations will offer a wider reach for a small additional charge. The exact date for the launch will be announced here and in our newsletter.

    June 1st 2020: Constantly growing database

    At the beginning of June, the number of corporate websites stored in our databases rose above the threshold of 6 million domains. This means that since the start of the database development, an average of around half a million additional websites have been added each month. In the course of internationalisation, our crawlers are now increasingly focusing on other European countries, with the help of which further markets can be developed and also globally operating companies can be supported with up-to-date and reliable data. In addition, server-side performance has been further improved, further reducing the time required for re-running and thus using the timeliness of the data.

    April 23rd 2020: Current data from the official commercial register

    The starting signal has been given for the development or expansion of our B2B company database by including data from the official commercial register. Thus, within a few weeks, up-to-date data on all companies based in Germany for which publication is mandatory will be available. Also and in particular, all new registrations or start-ups, i.e. also start-ups, as well as insolvencies and company deletions can be tracked. By combining this data with our existing database, the number and quality of the database as well as its intended use is further increased.

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