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What really matters when contacting journalists?

15d ago | By: FDS

When contacting journalists, the main thing is to build a good relationship based on trust, respect and openness. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

Relevance: make sure your story or information is relevant to the journalist and fits their interests. Try to clearly demonstrate the benefit to the reader or target audience:

Credibility: Present yourself as a credible source of information by providing accurate, verifiable facts and not making false promises. Avoid talking about things that you are not sure are true.

Relationship: Build a relationship by communicating regularly with the journalist and keeping him or her informed. Show interest in the journalist's needs and interests, and pay attention to his or her work style and preferences.

Understand: Understand the journalist's work style and needs. Journalists often have tight deadlines and need to work quickly. Try to accommodate them by communicating promptly and effectively.

Transparency: Be transparent and open in what you say and don't share classified information. It's important to gain the journalist's trust by being honest and transparent.

Overall, contact with journalists is about building a positive relationship based on trust, respect and openness. By following these principles, you can increase the likelihood of your story or information being picked up by a journalist.

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