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What are typical mistakes made when closing a deal with a customer?

05/19/2023 | By: FDS

Here are some typical mistakes that can be made when closing with customers:

Unclear offers: If the offer is not clear or is difficult to understand, the customer may lose interest and miss the deal.

Complicated buying processes: If the buying process is too complicated or too long, it may discourage the customer from completing the purchase. A simple, clear, and quick buying process is therefore critical.

Missing or unclear call-to-actions (CTA): If the CTAs on the website are not clear or not prominently placed, the customer may not complete the purchase process or may abandon it by mistake.

Lack of trustworthiness: if the customer does not trust the website or the company, they may abandon the purchase process. Therefore, it is important to project a trustworthy image and implement security measures such as SSL certificates and secure payment methods.

Lack of flexibility: If the website does not offer flexible payment options or does not allow the customer to postpone or continue the purchase process later, he may abandon the purchase.

Poor customer service: if customer service is poor or the customer is unable to get help when they need it, this may prevent completion.

Inadequate verification: if the verification of the purchase is not clear or is too complicated, this can discourage the customer and prevent completion.

It's important to avoid these mistakes and make the buying process as simple, clear and effective as possible. Clear communication and a trustworthy image can also help to gain the customer's trust and facilitate closing.

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