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11/30/2022 | By: FDS

The Media & PR Database 2023 is here. A lot has happened since the last major update of our Media & Editorial Directory. The latest update expands the database to now over 20,000 entries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (over 150,000 worldwide) on over 750 topics. In total, over 6,131 new entries were added in the DACH region in 2022 (13,300 worldwide). New additions are the types publishers, blogs, online portals, podcasts, forums & communities.

Among others, the following were added:

  • 11 Newspapers
  • 571 Blogs (595 wordwide)
  • 234 Forums & Communities (238 wordwide)
  • 45 News agencies and press portals
  • 265 Online portals
  • 173 Podcasts
  • 28 Radio stations (351 wordwide)
  • 19 TV & Television Channels (578 wordwide)
  • 2815 Publishers (4123 wordwide)
  • 1967 Magazines & Journals (6100 wordwide)

  • For this, our algorithms crawled over 20 million web pages with an average of over 3 million queries per week. In total, over 250,000 changes were made, including around 20,000 in the last month.

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    What is the best value PR solution?

    11/02/2022 | By: FDS
    Our Media & PR Database is one of the most affordable solutions for your press relations with an optimal price/performance ratio and includes everything you need to send your press releases and news to the editorial offices.
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    Is there a directory of editorial offices?

    10/03/2022 | By: FDS
    Yes. Our Media & PR Database is just that: an up-to-date editorial directory with over 17,000 entries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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    Editorial database: Can I send my press releases directly?

    09/26/2022 | By: FDS

    Our media & PR database is a research tool and, as an editorial database, contains the e-mail addresses of editorial offices that you can export and use to contact the media directly. Sending via the system is currently not possible.

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