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Should you buy likes?

09/20/2023 | By: FDS

No, it is not a good idea to buy Likes or other social interactions for your social media or online presences. Buying likes is a questionable practice that has more disadvantages than advantages. Here are some reasons why you should avoid it:

Low quality: Purchased Likes are often of low quality and often come from fake or inactive accounts. These Likes usually don't have any real interaction with your content and don't contribute to the actual engagement rate.

Loss of trust: If other people notice that your Likes or followers are bought, this can significantly damage your trust and credibility. It can give the impression that you are trying to manipulate your image instead of building a genuine following in an authentic way.

Algorithmic impact: Social media algorithms take into account the quality and engagement of your followers and likes. If your Likes are predominantly from inactive or fake accounts, this can result in your content being less visible in the feeds of your real followers.


Cost and resources: Buying Likes can be expensive and waste resources that you could better invest in building an authentic and engaged online community.

Risk of account suspension: Most social media platforms have policies against fake likes and followers. If your account is caught, it can be suspended or deactivated.

Instead, focus on building your social media presence organically. Here are some best practices:

Create high-quality content: Produce relevant, interesting and engaging content that appeals to your target audience:

Actively interact with your target audience: Respond to comments, questions and messages from your followers. Build a real relationship with your community.

Collaborate with others: Network with others in your industry or niche and promote each other's content.

Use hashtagging to create a new community.

Use hashtags and keywords: use relevant hashtags and keywords to make your content visible to people searching for similar topics.

Patience and perseverance: Building an authentic following takes time. It requires commitment and consistency.

The quality of your followers and likes is more important than the quantity. It is better to have a smaller but engaged and genuine fan base than a large number of fake likes. Authenticity and trust are crucial in social media.

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