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Media monitoring - How expensive is it and for whom is it worthwhile?

10/12/2022 | By: FDS

The idea of monitoring mentions of one's own company on all channels sounds tempting. After all, measuring the success of sending out a press release can be quite useful.

For this purpose, there are a number of providers who monitor the media market on a daily basis with crawlers and specifically search for your company name in the monitored media sources.

For this survey and analysis service, which often includes the automated preparation in simple dashboards, often thousands of euros per year are due.

The easiest and most practical way or work around for the vast majority of companies is to simply create an Altert on Google News that will notify you when your company name is mentioned in an article, because - if it's not there today it's not relevant. With the ability to set the time period, for example, to one year, and the number of search results to 200, you can quickly copy the URLs to the articles, along with the teaser text, into a spreadsheet, and most importantly, for free.

Some providers already charge several thousand euros per year just for depositing these so-called press clippings (=links to the articles) - in addition to the costs of media monitoring or press clippings, which provide the URLs to be deposited.

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