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How to create a customer avatar correctly and focus on the appropriate target group

01/20/2023 | By: FDS

1. Identify the target audience: think about who your target audience is and what their characteristics are. Define as many details as possible, including age, gender, occupation, income, marital status, and interests.

2. Create a concrete profile: Create a profile that describes your target audience. Give the avatar a name, age, occupation, income level, marital status, hobbies, and other characteristics that describe your target audience.

3. Use a tool to create the avatar: There are many tools you can use to create a customer avatar, such as HubSpot's avatar generator tool. It is a simple and free tool that allows you to create an avatar with several different options.

4. Create a connection: create a connection with your avatar by telling a story that describes him. Tell how he lives his life, what his goals are, and what challenges he overcomes.

5. Test your avatar: Test your avatar by matching it with your target audience. Ask yourself if your avatar matches the needs and interests of your target audience. If not, change the characteristics until you get a match.

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