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How to become a part-time self-employed sidepreneur in Germany

07/29/2022 | By: FDS

Many, especially young people, are nowadays playing with the idea of becoming self-employed in addition to their own job and building up their own second leg after work - often with the aim of earning their living independently on a full-time basis in the future and achieving financial freedom in the not-too-distant future.

Even against the backdrop of constantly rising prices such as rents and energy costs and a high inflation rate, this is not a bad idea. Moreover, it has never been easier to initially build up a side income online via the Internet and with little start-up capital, and bit by bit a four to five-figure monthly cash flow.

This is made possible not only by consulting services, which you can offer your customers as an expert in the respective market niche, but also by selling or promoting your own or other people's digital products such as online courses, manuals or ebooks.

Such margins are often significantly higher than for physical products due to lower manufacturing costs. Since there are no rents for warehouse space or offices, there is more money left over from sales for marketing and thus scaling the business model.

We have been running our own websites, affiliate & online portals for over 20 years, since 2000, and have the expertise to identify and build data-driven successful business models.

If you too want to build a second leg on the Internet, position yourself as an expert in your niche or launch your own affiliate program, contact us today. Our databases will help you identify the right niche for you, keep track of your competitors, and establish contacts with media and press representatives for greater media visibility.

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