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How self-publishers get reviews and get your books reviewed in the media

03/13/2023 | By: FDS

As a self-publisher, it can be difficult to get reviews and media coverage for your books, but there are some steps you can take to increase your chances:

Publish a professionally designed book: make sure your book has a professional layout and is error-free. If your book is poorly formatted or contains many spelling errors, it is unlikely to receive positive reviews.

Create a press release: write a press release about your book and send it to relevant media outlets such as literary blogs, book reviewers, and book pages on social media. Make sure your press release includes all the important information about your book and offers a brief excerpt of the plot or theme.

Look for reviewers: search online for book bloggers, literary critics, or book clubs that review books in your genre. Contact them politely and ask if they are interested in your book and if they would be willing to read and review it.

Offer free review copies: Offer free review copies to book bloggers, literary critics, and book clubs to encourage them to read and write about your book.

Participate in social media groups and forums: there are many social media groups and forums for book lovers where you can share your book and receive reviews and feedback. However, be careful not to be too pushy or over-promote.

Build a readership: If you build a loyal readership, those readers can help get your book noticed in the media by talking about it and recommending it.

Take advantage of advertising opportunities: If your budget allows, you can also consider running paid advertising to promote your book and attract the attention of potential readers.

By taking these steps, you can increase your chances of getting reviews and media coverage for your book and making it known to a wider audience.

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