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Generate leads 2022 - How it works

10/17/2022 | By: FDS

There are various sources and strategies for generating leads (both as a B2B and as a provider in the end customer business). Basically, a distinction can be made between unpaid (so-called organic) and paid sources of leads, e.g. in the form of Google Ads.

The situation for most companies and providers in the B2B sector is as follows: There is strong competition/stiff competition in the respective niche, high click prices, escalating marketing budgets as well as ad campaigns that do not work. The downward spiral of ever increasing costs with ever poorer conversion rates is supposed to be stopped with a further increase in the marketing budget - which often enough fails.

But what is the alternative to expensive online marketing?

With the help of so-called content marketing, you provide potential prospects and customers with free knowledge with added value and thus create trust. The goal is that the customers in spé deal longer with your offer and do not leave your website after a few seconds, but click through your website. The more articles, i.e. content, you provide on your website, the more this testifies to competence in your respective field and will increase the likelihood of a purchase.

In the best case, you manage to get interested parties to sign up for your newsletter, for example, to be informed about future discount promotions, make an inquiry via contact form or phone. It is important to obtain their consent to be contacted in order to be able to contact them in the future in the so-called follow-up process and to convert them into customers in the long term. After all, the majority of B2B customers only buy after the second, third or fourth contact. Here, it is also important to understand the so-called sales cycle in the business-to-business business.

If you have managed to direct interested parties to your site through thematically relevant articles or blogpots, the first hurdle has been cleared. Therefore, think about how you can maximize the number of visitors who come to your site for free (so-called organic traffic). These can be, for example, articles with titles that consist of specific questions as potential customers enter them in Google or other search engines, articles about current news in your industry or niche, product news or reviews.

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