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Find suitable agencies - With our agency directory you get a comprehensive overview

28d ago | By: FDS

The search for the right agency is often difficult. In the price battle for the best advertising spaces, it is difficult for inexpensive providers to place or appear with your ad among the first ads on the first or second. After all, the cost of a click (PPC: price per click) in Google Ads , formerly known as Google Adwords, can quickly exceed €5 and more.

The first search results or are therefore dominated primarily by providers, which bring high-priced products and services to the woman or man. With given PPC costs, it is a question of the product price or price for an average deal when providing services and the so-called conversion rate, any rate that describes the number of sales -sales - and divided by the number of clicks generated. A cost-covering ad strategy and keyword selection together with constant optimization is necessary to become cost-covering, in the best case profitable. Therefore, in the interest of better market transparency, it makes sense to include not only those providers listed high up in the list of postential contractors, but also to find agencies and service providers who cannot (yet) afford or do not want to invest a higher share of their revenue in higher click prices. With our databases, starting with the media & PR database , through the company database to our agency database, we make a contribution to making the market more transparent, creating visibility on for smaller providers and facilitating the choice of the appropriate agency or provider.


For example, you can discover similar providers in your city or region based on keywords and compare them with each other, filter, sort and to be able to put the entries first on a long list, later on a short list.

At the same time, our address databases represent an efficient acquisition tool for companies, agencies and service providers and offer added value in customer acquisition in the B2B sector, more precisely: for directmarketing purposes and for expanding the individual acquisition strategy.

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