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Attract dream customers with the right content strategy - without any ad costs at all

19d ago | By: FDS

As already discussed here, the costs for online marketing in the B2B sector are dizzyingly high and the number of actual clicks is vanishingly small due to ad blockers and & co.

With given completion rate, English conversion rate, of 1-3% of ad clicks on average, it usually cannot pay off to generate B2B customers via search engine advertising.

An alternative customer acquisition strategy is the so-called content marketing. Here the production of articles and texts is meant, which of potential customers googgelte topics and terms and/or keywords beeinhaltet.

Content is King.

With the content strategy you have the opportunity - provided you can regularly create and provide relevant content for your target audience - to get organic traffic via the search engines for free, i.e. at least without any further advertising budget.

For this purpose, a blog area has been established on the website itself, where new content, how to's, definitions of terms or the like are posted or posted. Another advantage is that all content, with which you provide free added value and insights for your potential customers, can also be subscribed to via rss feed.

Become a customer magnet with the right content strategy


In order for the search engines to reward your efforts for creating, optimally high-quality content, in the form of a better search engine ranking and associated higher traffic, it is necessary that they regularly publish new content and entertaining texts on your website.

Make yourself a concrete plan, when and how often you want to post blogposts or articles on your website and which topics (also: in which order) should be kept. As is true everywhere, you can only expect results if you stay on the ball. Consider exactly who you want to address with your content.

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