GamePolitics.com was a blog which covers the politics of computer and video games. GamePolitics was launched by freelance journalist Dennis McCauley in March 2005. At the time, McCauley was the video game columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer, a position he held from 1998 to 2009. Growing somewhat bored of writing video game reviews, McCauley created GamePolitics in order to track the political, legal and cultural impact of video games. The site was often referred to as GP by followers. Under McCauley's tenure as editor, frequent topics included video game legislation, the effects of media coverage on video games and gamer culture, and stories about high-profile critics and/or supporters of the industry. Early on, GP established itself as a site which included a great deal of original content based on McCauley's reporting. For example, GP published the first interview with Patrick Wildenborg, the Dutch modder who discovered the infamous Hot Coffee mod sex animations embedded in Rockstar Games' controversial Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. GP's frequent and incisive coverage of the unfolding Hot Coffee scandal brought mainstream media attention to the site from publications such as Fortune and The New York Times as traditional news outlets attempted to come to grips with the p... ()

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